New Sweepstakes started on

Follow the link to the latest sweepstakes for your chance to win either a Boreal Design kayak, a canoe or a kayak from Pelican, or a SUP from BIC Sport.

Neat that the entry confirmation is back too.

Link doesn’t work with my iPad. It just takes me to the results page. I’m not liking this new website. “Community” only takes me to photo of the week.


Bookmark the link on your iPad and you should have no issues. Sent you a PM with the same link.

Thanks, Rookie. I already had that page bookmarked, but some things just don’t work for me, including that new sweepstakes link. Obviously, I’m signed in, so it’s not that, but I had no idea there was a new sweepstakes until I saw the moderator’s post. And if I navigate away from the Message Boards, the only way I can return is by using the back button or the bookmark. Obviously, something is screwy.

I was having the same issue. Last time I tried I clicked on the link, then when it took me to the page I hit the refresh and there it was :slight_smile: . Hope this helps.

Thanks, Dave! That worked!