New Switlik Drysuyit Advice

Just got a deal on a brand new Switlik anti-exposure suit manufactured in 2007. I have to attach the wrist seals and socks that were included and I have reviewed both the Kokatat site and BNystrom’s webpage and am confident that I can do the work. My question is that since this is a new installation rather than a replacement can I get away with just aqua sealing the connection between gasket/sock to breathable material or do I also need to sew and tape the seams? Any advise would be appreciated.



Not familiar w/ suit
Although I don’t know what the suit is, if new, didn’t they provide directions?

If the wrist are latex gaskets, you will need to aquaseal them to the material.

As for the socks, it sounds like they provided a fabric sock. If the sock has a seam and the seam is not taped and seam sealed, then you will need to do that or it will leak. Seattle Fabrics used to sell some tape to seam seal. If the sock is latex, then just need to aquaseal it to the fabric suit.


melco tape
is what it’s called, and it’s basically for cosmetic purposes on seams. It’s stretchy, has nylon on the appearance face, urethane, then a heat activated PU glue. But the real waterproofing is done by aquaseal or seam grip type products. Controlling the flow and using a flat spreader tip or slit in the tube, is the key to getting a nice application on the bead of cement, then nice even clamping is needed. Work clean, with nearly surgical precision. And no matter how bad you want to, don’t touch the bead of sealant to try to see if it’s really sticky or does it just look that way. Don’t think of trying to push it into place or smooth it. Get everything dry fit, roll back the gasket, apply a clean bead, roll or fold the material down nice, and put about 4 billion 1/4" binder clamps around it.