new tandem kayak purchase

I was pretty much settled on the Old Town 160t and Pamilco 160t, but came across this one, the ClearWaterDesign Nunavut tandem. It looks like it has some nice features.

They say it’s a rotational molded…I think this is what I’m reading on this site called roto-mold.

What type of material is this? Is it stiff/rigid or soft? The Old Town 160t seems very durable and rigid.

Between those three, any opinions? Again, the Nunavut sounds like a good canoe…saw an ebay kayak seller that’s got one for sale.

Have you read the review
under the product review

I’ve paddles a 160T
For years. Its the first of 3 boats I own. Never had and issues. I solo it year around, fish / camp out if it, jump logs and brush and take my daughter from time to time and even do a little winter sledding with it. Tried to roll it a few times, tried. It’s real stable, darn near indestructible. I’ve had it in everything from little streams, big rivers, inland lakes and the big lake (Lake Michigan). I don’t recommend paddling any big body of water, like Lk. Michigan unless you stay close to shore and big waves / swells are VERY unlikely. It is not a good big open water boat. It’s a great small lake / river / fishing /family rec. boat. Just my opinion. You will most likely hear as many negative opinions as positive. Paddle the boats you are thinking about - solo and with your paddling buddy before you buy, if you can.

Yes, I read that review. Sounded favorable, but it’s the ONLY review I’ve seen on the kayak anywhere on the net…even ClearWater’s site doesn’t have much information on it.

Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good tandem kayak. It would be for small lakes…and, we have the advantage that there are about 4-5 in my area that are good size, but don’t allow power-boats…trolling motors only…no wake lakes.

So it should be some smooth, quiet boating for us…unless the weather doesn’t cooperate, but I would probably not be out then anyway.