new tie point on canoe

A while back some discussed drilling a hole in the front of a canoe to run a tie down rope through instead of tying the rope back a couple of feet on a small “thwart” where the tie down loop is presently (Wenonah). Seems like this would make for less uplift when car topping. Maybe there is a kit? Anyone have the instructions for do it yourself?


DIY "Tugeyes"
Under $2 fer de whole boat… Royalex dat be.


PVC pipe
There really is no need to have a big flange on the outside of the canoe unless you want one for some reason.

Many whitewater Royalex boats do simply have holes drilled in the hull through which a length of nylon or poly rope is passed. (Actually, 1" wide nylon webbing works as well for a grab loop and is easier on the hands when used as a carry handle). These boats don’t have flotation tanks or compartments to get in the way.

If you don’t want water coming in through the holes, or if you have to pass the loop through a float tank, you can simply take a short length of PVC pipe and pass it through the holes and flotation chamber. You can shape and bevel the ends of the PVC pipe to match the shape of the hull and epoxy it in place.

I just drilled holes in the Wenonah
Tuffweave with tape to keep them from splintering or chipping then put a little epoxy on the raw edges.


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For a handle on a Royalex hull, I just drilled two holes sized to fit the rope tightly. Given how high they are above the waterline, I wasn't too worried about taking on water. The rope ends are connected with a double fishermans knot inside the hull. The tubing keeps the loop open so it's easy to grab.

If I was planning to line the boat, I'd put the holes lower and use a connecting tube to keep water out.

Bungees on the deck plate work nicely to hold the painter.

Here’s how I did it