New to Canoeing

I was hoping to get some input into the world of canoeing. I just bought a Old Town Saranac 146xt and was looking for specific input on mounting a trolling motor to a canoe. I had a blast fishing in it this past weekend, but I was just wanting to put a trolling motor on it for long fishing adventures. So any advice from fishing to paddling would be grateful. Like I said I’m brand new to the world of canoeing.

Check with Old Town. They may offer
a clamp to go over the gunwales on which to attach a trolling motor.

Trolling motor mount

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Old Town Sidesaddle Motor Mount / from Cabelas
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Works great on Old Town Canoes, may need a little rigging on other brand canoes.


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Not the best way, but the easiest and cheapest is to find the sweet spot on the canoe and glue an appropriately thick block of wood where you want to mount the motor. When I was a kid I did that with my Grumman and it worked OK.

Keep in mind that a motor on the side of a canoe can be difficult to handle. It does the job, but not much better than a paddle because with both you constantly have to adjust. Maybe while fishing the motor has the advantage because it only requires one hand.

Old Town and Essex Industries
Old town has two styles available on their website.

Essex Industries has two styles as well for a bit less money.

I’ve purchased several accessories from Essex in the past and they’ve been of very good quality.

I’m sure other paddling retailers have these available too.