I’m new to this sport and have an OT Loon 138. I have cut down a milk crate and added 1.5" pvc rod holders and put it behind the seat. What are some other things I could do? I’m fishing in the Chesapeake Bay for stripers and anything else that I run into.

PVC rod holders
Not being A kayak man I can only offer this. Did you cut an L shaped notch in your rod holders?

You’ll think of plenty
Get out fishing a few times and you’ll be sure to think of a zillion things.

In the meanwhile, make sure you’ve got the right rescue and paddling safety stuff along. It’s tough to catch fish if you die paddling.

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If you still fish much, be sure to get a
good anchor. Some folk like those folding jobbies, but others don’t. Check on and see what they use, also may find some fishing buddies there.

New to fishing
One thing you can try to do is to mount a rod holder in front of you in the kayak. That way you would be able to see the rod bend and get to it immediately to set the hook.

I do all my kayak fishing in the ocean for stripers, blues, fluke, sea bass and have been doing it for 15 years.

You will need the following equipment within your reach at all times: hook remover, net bag to keep caught fish in, and I even carry a net to land the fish.

I use a 6 can cooler bag to keep my tackle (hooks, jigs, lures, leader material, weights, small knife, etc.)

I tie everything down onto my SOT Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT within an easy reach in front of me. I do not like having to reach around behind me to get things when I have a fish on the line.

Got pics?
I have a 138 as well but I never thought of trimming a milk crate to fit behind the seat. I am usually positioned farther back in the cockpit to allow more room in front of me. I have a Scotty rod holder behind my left side for trolling or spare rod and lay my active rod forward while paddling. What area are you paddling? I am about 1.5 hrs due north from North End on the Chesapeake.