New to Forum also waitng for inflatable Kayak

I bought and am waiting for my Sea Eagle RazorLite 393RL drop stitch Kayak Pro.Its a inflatable.Not sure how good there paddle is.I have a question about the paddle is there different sizes of paddles (the part that catches the water).If so is bigger better.which translate will i go faster.

Bigger blade is, if you overshoot it, just a faster path to shoulder surgery. And can be slower if oversized for the paddler.

Speed is in cadence, not blade size.

Welcome to the community, crow. Hope your boat arrives soon so you can enjoy it.

This fit guide might be helpful: Fit Guide – Werner Paddles

Big paddle blades are like a low gear on a bicycle - lots of torque and good at low end, but not as good at higher speeds. Smaller paddle blades is like a high gear - good at high cadence at higher speeds, but not as good at sprint starts.

You only get to choose one gear, as it isn’t that easy to swap out paddles mid trip.

I carry a spare paddle and have swapped out in fast water. Its not impossible. But it is not a normal thing.