New to forum, semi new to kayaking, couple of questions

Hello all, a little about myself so you all know where im coming from. Im 6ft, 250lbs, “stocky” per my wife lol. I live about an hour outside atlanta, GA, and finally bought my 1st kayak. Picked up a Liquid Logic Marvel 12 in like new condition, with Aquabound stingray hybrid paddle, oak orchard skirt, half skirt, and cockpit cover, a few pad eyes, a paddle taco, cockpit deck(?), a deck rod holder and some recessed rod holders for 700, Based on my internet research i was happy with that price. I got my feet wet with kayaking at a rental place north of athens, GA. maybe 10 times, and then a couple buddies and i did a 4 day canoe/kayak trip “down” the savannah “river” in some rentals, and i was hooked. I really enjoy the multi day trips. So per my knowledge i jumped on the Marvel 12 feeling it could perform on day trips on smaller rivers and i could make it work on the multi day trips. Hopefully theres enough info there, sorry for being soo long winded. My question, after all that lol, the marvel12 has a foam block at the bow. For the mutli day trips and trying to maximize space, would it be acceptable to remove that foam block so i could fit the tapered bulkhead dry bags for more storage, or would the loss of buoyancy be too much? Again sorry for the novel but hope was to knock out any questions as to my intentions. Thanks again

No. The Marvel 12 is a rec boat.

The foam block likely performs two functions. 1. It supports the deck. 2. It provides the flotation for capsizes.

Of course I say no, but you can do whatever you want. In some respects a forward dry bag or air bag would prevent water from filling that space. Without the forward floatation you boat would assume the Cleopatra’s needle during capsize in deep water.

Sometimes you need a bigger, or at least longer, boat. This sounds like one of those times.

You started like so many of us have. And it usually hasn’t taken too long for us to start looking for the next boat.
Had you asked, I would have recommended a 14’ boat , minimum. Depending on the boat, you would have better flotation, better tracking, and more speed, plus more storage. I am a bit heavier and taller and paddle a Pungo 140(sometimes). It has those desirable characteristics at a reasonable price, and doesn’t weigh a ton, unlike many of the current crop of boats.

You’re going to need…

@grayhawk said:
You’re going to need…

Good one!