New to Kansas

I’m fairly new to kayaking, especially in Kansas. Most of my experience has been out of state. Does anyone know of any good paddling spots in North-Central or North-East Kansas? I like to paddle anything from faster water to small county lakes, and fishing also. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Kansas Paddling
Liquidsoul, You might want to check out the Big Blue which flows into Tuttle Creek Lake. A paddler could put in at Blue Rapids and go all the way to the lake. Also, I believe the Republican above Milford Lake offers some paddling. Hope this helps.

Evolution of paddling in Kansas
I understand that paddling in Kansas is an “evolving” sport, so watch out, it may be banned.

KS canoe trails
Try the Kansas Canoe Association, they have maps for most of the state. Nebraska “Sand Hill” rivers make some great trips. You can check conditions on Good luck & have fun!

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check these out!

Theres a group scattered across state
I picked up a newsletter at a shop in Wichita a few months ago. I think it’s Kansas Paddling Association. A web search should turn up somethting. But I noticed a lot of their trips were out of state. There’s always the Missouri River, and it’s not far to the Ozark streams.