New to Kayaking, advice please

I’m looking to purchase two used kayaks for use on small creeks and the shoreline of the Neuse River in NC. One for me, one for my grandson. I am 6’ and 200 lbs he is about 4’ 6" and 55 pounds. My thought is I would like sit in kayaks, but length is something I’m not sure of. It’s possible we would overnight, but most likely we would have half day to full day trips. We are both good in the water and have been canoeing, but not kayaking. I would like to spend less than $500 each if that is possible. All advice is appreciated.



I would look around on the used market and check real kayak stores for used and consignment boats.

I think your little guy is going to be a bit small for most boats.

Are you handy?
For less than $500 you could build two sit inside kayaks, one for him and one for yourself. This site has free patterns and directions (including some for kids of various sizes) and lots of shots of kayaks ordinary people have built at home (click on “gallery”).

These are not that difficult, in fact one of our local high schools has kids building similar models in shop class. These are great boats, in fact they are similar to the original Native Peoples kayaks, being skin on frame. They are also half the weight of standard modern plastic kayaks. I have owned 5 skin on frame kayaks myself and love them. If you have basic workshop tools and a space to work in, it’s a project you could work on together.