New to kayaking and need some advice

I’m wanting to get into kayaking. Already found the kayak I want it’s an Old Town vapor 12xt. I’m looking to get a roof rack but not sure of any good brands or what I should look for. I’ve seen the roof racks that kinda cradle the kayak and that’s what I’d ideally want.

Thule & Yakima are the best known but there are others. If you are buying from a dealer you might want to talk with them. Otherwise look at something like rack attack:

I agree with Yakima and Thule. They are the oldest and most comprehensive. If you go to their web sites they will take you through a fit guide that will match the make, model, and year of your car to a rack system. Malone is also become popular in the last few years.

Be prepared for sticker shock, they aren’t cheap. Check out Racks and Loading for more information

You’re right it’s not cheap. I just picked up a full Thule setup including the Hullavators and was unpleasantly surprised at the total outlay. That said, sales do happen if you’re not in a hurry. I got all my stuff at 20% off about a month ago. That lessened the sting.

We waited a full year before getting the a pair of Hullavators. They are just amazing. It transforms where you paddle. Before, we wouldn’t even consider going anywhere unless it was a big trip, it was just too much work. Now? It is so easy we can just load up and go.

We got ours from @Marshall, great transaction. 100% pleased with everything.

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Another manufacturer to look at is Inno. When I bought my current car, Thule didn’t make clips to fit it at that time, and Yakima told me they refused to make them for that particular car ('15 Honda Fit). The setup I bought from Inno already had the clips, and had the advantage of the bars being the same dimensions as Thule, so accessories that fit Thule will fit Inno.