New to Kayaking, Just Saying Hello

My friend and I have just bought a Frenzy each. We live in New Zealand and have basically never kayaked before. I have only kayaked once in a sit in kayak a few years ago.

We’re going to go practice at a lake on Sunday. We’ll practice paddling and going backwards and forward and practice falling off and getting back on in deeper water.

We have life jackets and seats/backrests.

That’s all for now. Just saying hi and looking forward to reading all the messages here.


Welcome to the site, and the sport.

also check out KASK
who have a website and lots of group paddles and instruction. Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers.

Your are very blessed to have all that wonderful waters to explore.

Hey thanks
very much for the link! Yes we are lucky. I live in Kaitaia, the very northern most tip of NZ so we have heaps and heaps of coast as well as lakes and rivers to explore. I can’t wait to get started.

Kayak Surfing New Zealand
Welcome to Pnet. Not a lot of posters from NZ visit.

I’m hoping to make a trip in about a year north of Auckland when visiting a friend. Your area is home to a bunch of waveski surfers, you should have some good waves to have fun in your frenzy.

Welcome to the house of fun
Lots of information ideas & debates on pNet

Sounds good to me. I’ve a plan in the works to head to Tutukaka after the first of the year for some Northland paddling. Then I’ll probably head down to the Otago area for more of the same.

In my research of paddling in NZ I found a wonderful water safety organization which provided me with loads of printed information about paddling in NZ. They also have videos available but use is limited to NZ only- RATS!

In case you don’t know about the site it is



You’re not having fun are you?..
…Kayaking is a serious sport and we don’t like

to see it trivialized by people having fun.

Just teasing!

Keep us posted on how things are going.

Have fun, stay safe.

…any trip reports? How are things going down there?


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Should be SavageTyphoon, no? Besides cyclonic disturbances in the South Pacific being known as typhoons, all such systems in the southern hemisphere, like Brits & their descendents almost everywhere, drive on the wrong side of the road, race horses the wrong way, and rotate their cyclones bass-ackwards. Hear tell they (Southern Hemispherites, that is, not UKers, *L*) also flush in reverse...

So... which would actually be YOUR offside for rolling, anyway?

Welocome aboard, and whichever way you're going, make sure whatever it is it's the way you can best


-Frank in Miami
(Home of the Miami HURRICANES)

Welcome to the club! Igot my first Ocean kayak two years ago… now have a small fleet of sit in and sit on boats. You’ll love the sport!

Welcome from the wicked woman of Windsor! Ontario Canada that is! We have something else in common girl! I am just getting into biking-going for my motorcycle license-have an entry level Honda Rebel. Love biking as much as kayaking! A whitewater paddler recently told me that he loves biking and travelling so much on it that it’s keeping him out of the whitewater a bit! I have owned a couple sit on tops and now have a small fleet of yaks all for different pieces of water-a ww yak, a seakayak, a diveyak and a rec yak for winter paddling. You joined the right board for fun BTW!

So tell us Frank?
which is the proper direction to flush?

Maybe our forefathers, (and mothers) were smarter than us with their outhouses!



Welcome to this site and to the water world of kayaking. This site will probably meet most of your needs concerning kayaking and canoing as far as questions u have. Believe me you will get alot of answers which will help you in your kayaking and canoing. Again Welcome!!