New to kayaking....used kayak advice

Hello. I would like to get into kayaking. A person is trying to sell me a used Old Town Otter XT kayak with a new Paddle Quest Chute paddle for $250. This seems high for a used kayak. I can’t find how much the Otter XT went for new. Looking for advice.

Fair price depends most on condition, and features of kayak. Also basic supply & demand in your area. The otter was made years ago, now discontinued.
Condition can range from like new, pristine to abused faded with broken/missing parts.

I would say it’s somewhere in the middle, certainly not like new. There is some fading and some scuff marks etc on it, doesn’t seem to be any missing parts. But I did think the Otter hadn’t been made in quite some time so…
The paddle is brand now which I did look up and it goes for $50.

I looked at this boat in the reviews, and they were all pretty favorable. Those that listed the purchase price seemed to be in the $280-$330 range new.

I bought an Old Towne Egret for $250. But it is 13.5 ft, 24" beam. With one bulkhead rec boat. I likely wouldn’t buy the Otter. But I’m an "elitist Sea kayaker. "

Compare the otter to whst you can buy new in your area for $200. If it looks like more value and fits your needs then buy it.

Agree with rnsparky.

That price might be a little high, but it’s not the time of year to find bargains. A lot of people would “like to get into kayaking” right about now. I had an Otter once and note that the hull shape tends to plow through the water rather slice through it.

Can’t comment intelligently unless you can give a sense of where you would be paddling and your size. If you would be paddling open water - larger lakes or ocean bays with more wind and waves - not the boat. This is a rec boat and not suitable.

If you are a small person, 5’4" or under, you will be knocking your knuckles as you paddle this boat. My sister is that size and some issues there with a regular Otter, but she doesn’t paddle anywhere but small ponds so it is not fatal.

Poke around under “Learn” in this top line banner, read the articles about different types of boats and safety. It will help direct your search a bit. You also may be in an area where outfitters that can get you started will soon be opening up. What region are you in?

I am 5’5", 120#. I would be paddling mainly in small ponds. I’m in New England. Disregarding experience and whether it’s the right kayak for me, I think the price is too much.

You would not love this boat, XT is a bulky unwieldy thing for you. Workable sure, but yeah find something that you would want to keep for more than the fist month of paddling.