new to kayaking

ok, i know this has been asked several times so here i go again. What should i buy myself and me 10 year old son. we will probably do slow rivers lakes, etc… as we are not very experienced. do we buy a sit on or sit in probably not the best terminology buy like i said we are new to this. we have looked at several at places like bass pro and some specialty stores. thanks in advance for your help

boat shop
go to your local boat shop and talk to them about it. they will be able to get you into the right boat for what you are wanting. you should also rent boats to see what you like are are comfortable with.

WIth a ten year old
For lakes and slow rivers I would look at a tandem SOT, good places to start are

Malibu II by Ocean Kayak -slow and heavy but very good beginner boat

Odyseey by Hobie

Cobra Tandem

Go to for useful information on SOTs.

kayak shop
Agree with the first post, go to a real kayak store and get advice from someone that actually paddles. The big box stores have no idea of what they are selling.

Also try many boats before you buy and buy used first, you’ll either decide you don’t use it enough to warrant buying new or you’ll like it and outgrow what you buy shortly and want to move up.

Bill H.

Get a used canoe
15 - 16 ft tandem - you can find them relatively cheap. I did a lot of paddling with my daughter when she was that age.