New to kayaking

I am buying my first kayak. I plan on taking some lessons, but have no one else really to go with. As far as I have seen there isn’t any clubs in my area, which is Casper WY. If there is, please let me know. My friends are not as serious into it as I am.

Do you guys have any contacts of anyone that goes kayaking down the platte river and I could tag along for safety and learning? I have all my own gear and will get whatever else I need to. I just need expertise and advice :slight_smile:

Also I plan on fishing too, mine has fishing rod attachments, so will be going to glendo, pathfinder and alcova etc.

I’m just looking for others that I could possibly tag along with just to make it safer and help me learn.

I hope this post is appropriate, if not I will remove it. Thanks.

Try reaching Eric Nyre at the link in
this post

or email him through the pnet board. He knows a lot about Wyoming and Colorado paddling.