New to Kayaking

Greetings! Just starting out… I found a perception 14’ with rudder and paddle and pfd for 900…seller says it brand new and never used. Questions: is this an acceptable first kayak? Is this asking price a good price? Thanks and looking forward to years of kayaking!

seem high to me
but im just a newbie i goggled it and if i am looking at right kayak its like 799 new.but maybe im seeing the wrong kayak

You need to tell us what model and…
what year ?

It doesn’t sound like a super buy to me, unless it is only a year or so old.

Jack L


I paid only $550 for a demo Necky
Looksha Sport at an Olympic team benefit auction. I would not have been willing to pay more than $600 on the private market, but that’s just me.

Acceptable for what?
I see you are on the Great Lakes. 14’ Perceptions (what is the actual model?) may or may not do you for years. That’s an inland sea and you can stay in quiet water or get much more adventurous.

Agree with others - you can score used 16’ plastic sea kayaks like Avocets for that kind of money. And after you get over the first couple of scratches you add to a boat, a number more that someone else put there are no big deal.

Plastic Avocet …
… Over in the classified section … in Michigan. Now that’s a boat. $1,300 bucks, but it’s purple, so than can be negotiated down …

i agree…

– Last Updated: May-14-11 12:22 PM EST –'s not a great deal if you are a bargain hunter but it's not a bad deal either for a fairly new boat/paddle/PFD... new boats are upwards of $1000 or more paddle/ $50 and PFD/$40 and up ....thing is you can find slightly better deal if you can wait. Craigslist being a good shopping site. better to buy something cheap and used till you decide to keep kayaking or quit. A friend has a Perception Carolina 14.5 and loves the boat. according too perception's website only the Carolina and Tribute14 models are rudder capable.

I have an update: says its this years model and its a Carolina, adult universal fit pfd made by stholquist and a harmony paddle. Thanks for all of the input!

Not to bad
Of a boat. It retails for $1170 list, he is throwing in a low end paddle and PFD. I would offer the guy $700 cash. It’s a pretty decent boat with 2 bulkheads and a large cockpit.

Hate to tell you this but Dicks’ has the Rhythm 14 on sale right now for 499. Don’t think it has a rudder and no PFD so that would add to the cost considerably. Might be an OK deal. If you got a decent paddle as well you probably did OK.

Reviews for this kayak
Check out they do reviews for all types of kayaks and gear. Just click on the review tab and then the pull down menu for kayak manufacturer then click on Rhythm 14 to see what others think who have paddled that boat. Regardless of what was paid get out and enjoy your new boat. I looked at the Rhythm 14 but ultimately decided on a 13 foot boat for easier hauling in my vehicle. have a great to be safe and consider the environment.