New to Kayaking

Hello. I am new to this site and am looking to get into a kayak. I used to canoe but have no one to go with anymore. I am kind of doing this dual purpose…I love to fish, but cannot afford a boat, and I think it would be terrific excersise to add to my diet. I am a big guy slowley shrinking down, 6’3 300lbs. I am leaning towards a sot kayak. Any suggetions. By the way I dont have much money to spend…500 to 600 hundred at most.

You might consider an Old Town Pack
Canoe… Its fat short and slow but does well with a double blade and because it is fat and short and slow is a great workout boat.

Its 33 lbs which might be a factor over an SOT which certainly is another possibility.

The Pack is within your budget. As you slim down any kayak that fits you now wont fit you then…at least SINKS and maybe SOT. (I have no SOT experience)… The Pack will fit you now and then.

perception sport caster
I was looking at the Perception Sport Caster Angler Kayak. Does any one have any opinion on it?

also a newbie
im new to the sport as well and i am about your same size, i decided to go with the old town dirigo 12 it has a 350lb max, if you have a dunhams near you id suggest there, if you sign up online you get allot 20 and 30% off coupons that really knock down the price, but keep in mind im new to this as well

where will you paddle?
If you will be paddling on the great lakes or the finger lakes, where waves can get a bit large, then a sit on top would be better than a canoe. Of course, you don’t want to push your limits, so should avoid the waves, but in case they come up before you get out, good to take this into account. If smaller lakes, then you can go either way.

For kayak fishing, sit on tops are generally the way to go. Usually preferred over sit inside kayaks, as you can move around more. The angler versions of most sit on tops are generally the same as the non-angler versions, except they have rod holders and such built in.

I am going to stay in ponds and small lakes to start but want to eventually hit some of the finger lakes once I get better. Will the Perception Sport Caster be a good choice for my weight? I didn’t know if any other big guys could chime in!? I can get it for $499 right now.

another choice you might check out
If you have a Dick’s in your area they sell their version of the Mad River Adventure 14 (called the Passage 14) for $499. Though it is “technically” a canoe (so are most sit-on-tops, by the way), it is almost closer to sit on top kayaks in having rolled over low gunwales and being narrow enough to paddle with a 240 cm kayak double blade. It has lots of room in it for fishing gear and very comfortable seating. You can even attach a 30 lb thrust mini motor on the stern. It has the option to take a buddy along if you want, or paddle it solo. At 75 lbs it is about the same (or less) than the bigger sit on top kayaks.

We kayak and canoe a lot and rented one of these (actually the 16 foot version) on a recent trip down to the Everglades and were very impressed at its performance both back in the narrow channels of the glades and in more open and choppy water and wind along the coastal inlets. We liked it so much we are probably going to buy one to replace our Old Town Guide 147 conventional canoe.

Passage 14’
I already have an old town canoe. If I sit in the back of it that thing is going to flip, haha. That is really why I’m leaning toward a kayak. I’ve got some thinking to do I guess. I just miss being out on the water.

Solo canoes are an option to tandem
canoes, as well as the kayaks that you’re already inquiring about.

When soloing a tandem canoe, if the seat is flat and not contoured, you can try sitting on the back side of the bow seat and paddling the boat backwards. That should keep the other end of the boat down much better than if you sit in the stern seat while paddling solo. This works better for some designs than others. I’m not sure how it would work in your tandem canoe.

Perception Sport
I am big like you and the harsh reality is finding the right gear is hard. There are a few sit-ins that probably would work for you but nothing decent comes to mind in your price range.

If you want a fishing rig then going for SOT is probably a better choice and you won’t have to worry about being big as much.

The Perception Sport Caster Angler 12.5 you are looking at is pretty much the low end of fishing kayaks. You are probably not going to find many other boats fishing rigged at that price.

If you read the reviews on the boat most people seem happy, but that is true pretty much for any boat that isn’t complete crap. The one common complaint is getting wet and having water in the boat. The design of the boat probably means a fair amount of water comes in from the scupper holes and with your weight plus gear that will is going to happen. Adding scupper plugs might help, but this is probably a fair weather boat only (most SOTs are) and nothing you would want to take far from shore. Probably OK if fishing near shore is all you really care about and you don’t mind getting wet.

You probably would get a better canoe at your price range or look at SOT fishing boats starting at $700-800.

If price is your main factor then you don’t have many other choices new. You also need a PFD that fits, which is hard for big guys and just don’t buy a cheap paddle. Not sure I would even consider paddles under $100.

The difference between a new and used kayak is a few days. Plastic boats get scratched up, they don’t look new for long. I see some great deals at times on Craigslist, lots of people buy in but never really use the gear. Only a few things to look for on a used boat which I am sure people on here could help you out with.

I have a pfd that fits me well. I know it sounds stupid but Im not all that round…Im muscle and just a big framed dude, I mean I do have a gut but I dont look like a ball haha. I will be taking my time and looking. By then maybe I can up my price range alittle and find some a sot that is alittle better for off shore.

OLD TOWN sportsman
The canoe I have is an old town sportsman. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to use this canoe solo? I really enjoy being out on it so if I could spend say 100 bucks to set this up for solo use I’d almost rather do that!