New to Kayaking

Hi all! I’m new to kayaking and looking for good places around NC that where I can enhance my kayaking skills and maybe meet other kayakers.

I’m not a hard-core kayaker, just to put it out there, so take it easy on me.

I’m interested in finding places nearby or within a manageable distance where I can go for kayaking. I’m totally down for meeting up with people as well.

Welcome to a great activity
Do enough of it and you might just go hardcore.

North Carolina’s a large state and you didn’t fill out any profile info as to your location, so your best bet is to Googe NC kayak meet-ups. You’re bound to find one in your area.

Best wishes.

Raleigh Area

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I've paddled at this Farrington put in at Jordan Lake quite a few times. Always enjoyed it. Usually see some Bald Eagles!

This might be closer to you:

Hi and Welcome…

Try googling Rhodes Pond in Dunn NC, about thirty minutes north of you and just a few minutes off of I-95… A truly magical cyprus swamp kinda place with tons of history that the wife and I wish we had discovered years ago… And perfectly safe for beginners if you can forget about the possibility of alligators… : )

Also… check out the links that Kudzu mentioned above… and there are a couple of a meet-up groups based out of Raleigh as well that you might wish to check out… Google is your friend…



Hey Recluse
I just sanded a ding out of one of my paddles and put some finish on two paddles. They still look sweet.

I took an old friend of mine to Jocassee awhile back and handed him one of your paddles. He didn’t bring one of his own. He looked like he’d been using one all his life. I got a kick out of it.

At some point you will want to get to Barrier Island Kayaks, Swansboro, NC

Web site is perpetually out of date.

Great place.