New to kayaking

I’m new to kayaking, I live in Las Vegas. About to buy a kayak, trying to find one used. But, I was hoping on getting some information from some experienced southwest kayakers.

First off I’m 6’2 180. Looking to do a lot of two day trips on Lake Mohave and Lake Mead.

Also a couple 4-5 day trips to Lake Powell and any other cool water spots around, a year. So my question is; What size, brand, and material of kayak should i be looking at? Thanks so much. Any other cool information about kayaks and great places to kayak around Las Vegas would be greatly appreciated.


Contact Robert Finlay
of Kayak Lake Mead.

I’m sure he’ll be happy to help you.

My budget is around 800$ used.

14’ plus
For a few days’ camping, you’ll want a boat that is at least 14 feet to fit the gear. Could be a touring/sea kayak or a sit on top. Check issue 10 of California Kayaker Magazine at for details on types of kayaks.

In your price range, you are looking at rotomolded plastic, and likely used. One downside to rotomolded in your area is it can get soft in hot weather, and cause permanent dents if strapped down too tightly or stored on a rack that doesn’t spread the weight.

Another newbie
Hi. I live in Salt Lake City. I’ve been a whitewater rafter for 20+ years and got into kayak touring last year. I think as I get older, the heavy & complex rafting gear, and the adrenaline rush of whitewater may give way to the simplicity and calm of the kayak.

I paddle a 13 foot SOT kayak. Necky Vector 13. I chose a SOT because of a very messed up knee that makes getting in & out of a regular kayak very difficult. So far I have done a bunch of weekend trips and one recent 4 day trip. My kayak holds everything I need. I am thinking about getting a 14 footer at some point, maybe???

Here’s some overnight trips I’ve done…

Colorado River from Glen Canyon Dam back to Lees Ferry

Colorado River from Moab to Spanish Bottom (just past confluence with the Green River).

Leigh Lake in Grand Teton NP

Southfork Snake River in Idaho

Overnighter on Yellowstone Lake next month