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Hey I'm new to New Jersey looking for places to hit up most calm rivers or lakes. I move from South Carolina to union county New Jersey Are there certain regulations I need to know about kayaking in New Jersry? What are launching Fees? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys

NJ is easy
No registration is required. Plenty of places to paddle. Pnet has a section for every state.

As Andy says…
…in New Jersey yo can paddle almost anywhere there’s water!

The are large lakes (Hopatcong, Round Valley, Spruce Run) and hundreds of smaller ones. Also, if you drive south for an hour or so, Barnegat Bay has unlimited opportunities for rivers and sheltered salt water.

If you do go down there stop by Jersey Paddler in Brick Township who has a huge range of kayaks, classes, etc.

State owned require a launch permit or
fee. Waters such as Round valley require you to have a valid fishing license or a launch permit, and they do check. Other places want you to leave a copy visible in your car, though I don’t know if anybody checks. State parks such a Spruce Run have an entrance fee during the summer. There is good info on fees and stuff on the state DEP web pages. But there are lots of free places to paddle.

get yourself
a copy of Garden state canoeing by Ed Gertler. and really get to know the pristine rivers of the pine barrens, Toms, Cedar Creek, Wading,Oswego, Batso, Mullica, Egg Harbor. happy paddling


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There's also Quiet Water NJ which has a lot of info. It's a little old at this point, but still has some good info. There's one called Quiet Water NJ and E PA, also.

I like quiet water - my favorite spots in NJ are: Split Rock Reservoir, Spruce Run Reservoir, Lake Carnegie and nearby stretches of the Delaware and Raritan canal. The Great Piece Meadows is nearby, which the Passaic River winds through.

Interested, too
I am not new to NJ, but new to kayaking.

The places I know in Central NJ include Forge Pond in Brick. This is just down the street from the Jersey Paddler and is a pond with a 3-4 mile run up to the Garden State Parkway. There is also the Belmar Marina area, which many folks really enjoy. I am looking forward to trying that soon. I also am very interested in trying out the Barnegat Bay through Island Beach State Park. There are two places to put in there. Sedge Islands are supposed to be pretty neat. Get there early on weekends because the choice lots fill up early.

I am interested in hearing other folks’ experiences, too.