new to paddling

i am new to paddling and would like to know of a good place to find a training program to increase my endurance and strength for a long distance trip i am planning .

Being new to paddling
I would recommend seeking out some instruction on paddle strokes and self-rescue techniques. Then, spend a lot of time practicing these techniques until they become natural to you. In doing this, you will learn about your boat & how it responds to various conditions, not to mention how to save your rear when things go wrong.

Doing this will also give you some insight as to what kind of modifications your gear and boat might need to be comfortable and safe during long distance paddling. On a major trip, being able to repair your boat is also an important skill.

Anyone in decent physical condition can distance paddle. Becoming efficient at it is something that requires practicing proper technique on the water.

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Get comfortable and safe, then gradually build up your mileage. Too many miles at once puts you at risk for tendonitis. Experiment with foods that work for you also. I second the GPS idea. It's a great tool. You don't need someone else's program. Do what you can when you can. If you have more free time on the weekends do your endurance training then. On weekdays do your speed / strength stuff. JackL says intervals on the water are very effective... like on a bike.

How long is this distance you want to do? Is it a one day thing?

How long is the trip ?
and is it just one day, or a camping along the way trip?

In my estimation a real long one day paddle would be no more than 25 miles.

In order for you to do a paddle like that just build up your mileage slowly adding a mile or two to each paddle.

Once you are comfortable with 17 or 18 miles, you shouldn’t have any problem throwing on four or five miles at a whack.

If you are not out for speed, train like the the long distance touring cyclists and recreational marathoners do which is LSD (long slow distance).

If you want to get fast than you have to train as Kudzu says and throw interval days into the mix.

Tell us more about your plans, and there are many here that can tell you what works for them.



new to paddling
thank you all for replying.

the trip is about 6 months away and will be 100 miles over 3 days. i have a good fitness background just not in paddling and a limited amount time to actually spend on the water training but plenty of time in a weight room or on the road or in a pool for cardio. what are my alternatives?

Are You Far From Water?
Isn’t there a way to substitute your weight room / pool time with on-the-water time?

If not, I’d guess swimming would cross over better than anything else you mentioned.