New to saltwater fishing. HELP!!!!

I’m planning a trip to deer island on the mississippi gulf coast. I plan on fishing on grand bayou and also off shore of the island in the bay. I’m new to salt water fishing and was wondering what to fish for off shore as well as in the bayou and what tactics should I use to catch fish.

Hire a guide
Saltwater, moreso than even freshwater, is about knowing the specific waters you are fishing as well as the equipment. Hiring a guide your first time in new waters can save you endless frustration. I fish in similar waters to those, but vary my tackle, whether I use live bait or artificials, and even what artificials I am using, based on water conditions that day (color, clarity, sunny or overcast), what bait is already in the water, bottom conditions (am I fishing over sand, shell, or grass) , and what species I expect to encounter - redfish, trout, flounder, mangrove snapper, sheepshead - and that is just for inshore.

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local bait shop/marina boat rental can usually tell you what is biting and the best baits-live or lures.
Drift fishing is usually a good way to fish bays and inlets, where water is not too rough. Lower your bait just above the bottom using a flounder rig. My baits of choice for fresh/live bait fishing are squid strips, clam pieces and sandworms. Small eels can get you bluefish and other voravcious species. Live shrimp is good for redfish and many panfishes. Have fun and remember to keep a few for dinner!