New to site, product question

Hello, hope everyone is staying well. I recently was given an intex challenger k1 inflatable kayak. It did not have the skeg though. I cannot find anywhere that has them in stock. Anyone have idea where else to look besides eBay, Amazon, and the intex site itself? Thank you in advance.

Lots of things related to outdoors are sold out or limited supply. You might just need to wait

You could probably make a skeg from wood that would function just as well. You can find lots of videos about making fiberglass surf fins but I wouldn’t bother.

I don’t think the fin mounted directly in the middle of that short of kayak provides much directional stability. So I would not sweat not having a fin. Maybe get a shorter paddle and learn how to paddle at a higher angle to keep it from weeble-wobling back and forth as you paddle.