New to yak fishing

I’d never considered fishing from my yak until I discovered P-Net. I live up north and those silvers put up one heck of a fight. There isn’t a good place to fish for 'em along the bit of shore we have due to the over-abundance of stinky pinks. I’m going to need to get out a bit further. I’m wondering if anyone’s ever salmon fished from a touring kayak? If so, and you hook one, where and how do you store it? A stringer?The last thing I want to do is bust up my boat trying to club it over the head. Is salmon fishing from an Eddyline do-able or am I smoking crack?

Yeah, you can do it. I know guys that fish for tarpon and shark out of their kayaks. A salmon’s just a panfish compared to them. A stringer is a good way to go. Or a fish bag strapped to the rear deck. Get a priest (fish billy) to club 'em if you plan on keeping them. Once you get one you’ll be hooked (pun intended).

yes you can
you can fish out of any kayak. Yes your yak will get beat up if you get serious about fishing. You should see the what my 15 year old yaks look like.

Thanks, it’s
good to know that it can be done. Alright, what’s a “fish bag”? Whatever it is, it sounds better than stinking up my yak using the gear spaces as a fish hold.

Last month I saw a fishing rod holder. Salmon, open ocean, good idea? They are kinda pricey and with the non drilling clips as extra, very pricey.

Just a thought, but is a shorter rod in order since I’m just about level with the water and not above it? I currently own a Shakespeare Bigwater 700. It’s about 7 or 8 ft in length.

Anything unique gear to yak fishing that I should consider looking in to? I’d appreciate any help I can get so not only will I have fun, but I don’t look like an ass out there.

a few things
A fish bag is simply a nylon mesh bag that you tie off. They are sold at many dive shops. We sell them for $6 to $16 depending on quality and size. Rod holders are cheap we sell the scottys for fly rod or conventional for $18.You can find them at most boat stores. Read “kayak fishing secrets” at to learn more.

I always carry pliers,a berkley lip gripper,headlamp,knife,snack bars,gatorade,tackle box(plano) and sometimes a short handled net.


kayak rigging
there are lots of places to see kayaks that are rigged for fishing, check out our site for lots of photos in the gallery and also check out’s pictures.

Have fun!

Kyak and Salmon
I have caught Chinooks, Steelhead and Silvers from my 13.8 Old Towner on the Sacramento, Klamath and Eel Rivers. I use a Buzz Bomb and a 9 foot Lamiglas with a 5000 Abu Garcia carrying 12 pound test Maxima. I use a Sampo nylon stringer.

If your going to keep the fish, net it and then kill it. If you can’t it control it, or kill it, let it go. Sometimes turning them upside down tends to relax or quite them while you decide if you want to take them to dinner. But, I recommend that you not bring a live salmon into your boat. Most salmon fishermen carry a priest, or a short night stick (available at most uniform shops) used by vertically challenged peace officers.

Im not familiar
with your particular yak but i think it’s a SIS touring style with a tight fit CP.While you can fish from just about any yak.You’d be MUCH better off with a good SOT or a rec style SIS with a larger CP and greater stability.One of the great thing’s about poly yaks is they’re affordable enough to have more than one.Good luck!

killing fish

I’m no expert fisherman, but one thing I do know is that many sailors kill fish by pouring a small amount of hard alcohol (rum, whiskey, etc) into the fish’s gills. Puts 'em to sleep real quick and a lot less hassle than bashing them. Happy fishing!

killin fish

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save the rum for killin your liver, I commercially fish and we "pith" our fish, shove a icepick or any sharp object an inch or so behind its eye into the center of the skull,and an extremly quick death will occur. everything deserves a quick and painless death, also the quicker the fish dies the less lactic acid is released into the muscles resulting in a "sweeter" tasting fish. we also chill barrel our fish, salt water mixed with the ice in your cooler creates a brine slush that firms the flesh, keeps the natural color instead of "washing out" and looks as though you just caught it moments ago,a day later.hold your fish by shoving your thumb through it's gillplate,makes a convienent handle.

I think I’d rather grab a snook or a
tarpon by the lower lip. Some of those boys have “bad” gill plates!

Dad showed me how to pith catfish a couple of years ago though we had no name for the method other than “kill it with a wire”.

Lees is right. It’s a quick death. We use a stiff piece of wire. Sounds like an ice pick might be better for scaled fish.

Redfish too? Gar? Any fish? I never thought to use that method on other fish. I thought it was limited to catfish.

Thanks lee.