New Toys

My wife and I picked up some new Wilderness System Tsunami 140’s recently and we love them. Here are some pics.

nice kayaks!! Wilderness systems is a great company. I am a proud owner of a pamlico 140 for 3 yrs now. One of the members (Flatpik) here works for WS. So if you have any concerns, he can help you out.

nice pics!
Wow those almost look like real Sea Kayaks! I really like the fact that they are making real sea kayak designs in shorter lengths! I think they are great for day tripping, river running, and surf bashing!

wilderness systems
Are you using your new wilderness systems kayak in the ocean and how is it working for you? I’m trying to decide on one like yours or a true sea kayak.

wilderness systems ???

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Do you have a wilderness systems kayak that you use for sea kayaking? If so what model length and how does it handle in light chop? I'm looking for a good tandem for kayaking on bays here in Maine.

on the new boats!

I’ve got a brand new blue Tsunami 165 that I’ve only been able to put in the water for one short outing since I got it. Hopefully, fall will be more productive!