New truck bed rack

Hello everyone, new to the site, but not to paddling, I do both kayaking, kayak fishing and SUP.
I designed a truck bed rack system that carries everything from kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, lumber, etc, called the MultiTaskR.
It is designed to securely carry and lock any item that is loaded in the bed of truck.
We just put up the MultiTaskR up on Kickstarter but have been testing this product for over a year.
Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions, concerns, idea’s.
Thanks Jeff

Well, maybe for the SUP and kayak crowd? Not much utility for carrying a canoe. Good luck, though.

Hey wildernessweb, thanks for looking. As the MultiTaskR sits right now, a canoe would have a tough time fitting onto this rack…unless you have a really long truck bed, however, we are soon going to introduce the “HighTowR” which is a crossbar system that would work in conjunction( or by itself), with the MultiTaskR. The HighTowR is a rack that would be mounted anywhere on your trucks bed, but could be mounted near the cab. Two HighTowR’s could also be used. The crossbars would fit all of our mounts, as well as some specific to the HighTowR. Any longer items could be mounted on the MultiTaskR at the rear of the truck bed and the HighTowR near the cab. The HighTowR would have a upper and lower crossbar, the lower would sit about equal with the MultiTaskR’s upper crossbar, creating even more mounting options for tons of other gear.

I see scratched tailgate coming and scratched bike frames

I’ll be watching for updates; GOOD LUCK!

Thanks for your comment.
The MultitaskR was designed to do the exact opposite and will NOT scratch your tailgate, bike, paddle board, etc. The MultiTaskR lets you still use your tailgate to access gear while in use with kayaks, surfboards, SUP’s, but using the bike STM(steerer tube mounts) the only contact points are the inside of the bikes steerer tube and the rear tire resting in the truck bed. The tailgate cannot open with a bike using the STM. also, everything the MultiTaskR carries can be locked with a unique locking feature that is way more secure than the typical barrel locks that most rack use.