new/used kayak

I’m in search of a all around kayak. Something that will be used mostly in whitewater but can also be used on a small pond or lake. I not even sure if such a kayak existis. I’m relatively big at 6’-1", 240lbs. so I know that limits my choices.

Any comments or suggestions would be great,



whitewater boat can be used on a lake, but it’ll be very slow. The long old-school displacement-hull boats are much faster on flatwater than the short modern planing hulls.

The do-it-all boat question comes up a lot here. Hybrid boats like the Dagger Crossover will get you through moderate whitewater and have decent flatwater speed, but you won’t be able to play much in the whitewater on your way downriver.

If your goal is to enjoy playing in whitewater, get a whitewater boat. If you just want to get through it, a river touring boat might work for you.

Check out “Sun” Kayaks
Check out the Sun Kayaks. They offer a hybrid that the local newspaper did an article on. The woman who had one said it was great on flat water, and accepptable on the lower strength rapids. They have 3 lengths for different size people.

Use your search engine and look up SUN Kayaks.

riot now instead of sun
Sun kayaks are now marketed under the Riot brand. I have a voyager and I love it. True, you won’t do much ‘playing’, but you can some class III’s like a champ.

Flat water paddling a ww boat
Saw a fellow with a Dagger Crossfire, too small for you, but he had a skeg attached to the back, like a cap on the back attached with straps. He said it made it a good boat for general flat water paddling and a fun boat for WW when he removed the cap. He also said that this was available as an accessory when the Crossfire was being made but hadn’t seen similar options for other boats. Might be an opportunity for a little kayaking kreativity!