New Valley boats

Over the weekend, I saw a pdf of the 2006 Valley catalogue. Included are a number of new boats including Nordkapp LV, Aquanaut LV, as well as poly versions of Nordkapp, Aquanaut HV and a stripped down boat called the Aquanaut Club. Two versions of the Rapier and two surf kayaks are also included.

The Skerry is gone and the Pintail will only be available as a special order.

Amongst the very interesting information is Valley’s decision to go to “Resin-Vacuum-Infusion.”

I guess the new management has been very busy.

Info and Pictures
Any info, pictures and web pages for the Rapier or Ski? Don’t tease us. Franklin

Does VCP have a website?

Valley web site

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Though the new info is not yet posted. GRO tends to keep its web site more up to date and is very responsive to requests:

The new surf kayaks are not surf skis. The racing boats (Rapier) come 17'11.5" x 21.25" (Rapier 18) and 20' x 17.75" (Rapier 20)

Surf Boats - Well…

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The first is definitely old school surf boat (surf boot). The second almost looks like Preston Holme's Gecko, which almost ten years old...


PS. Still kudos for putting out some surf boats, though how these will compete with Mega and PS Composites will be interesting to see.

do you have a link to the file or not?
GRO doesn’t have the info, nor does valley? Where is the electronic version?


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You need to copy and paste the whole address.


Thank you Sing
I didn’t have a link (web address) for the catalogue.

Oh Yeah…that’s good!
Thank you. Now if I can just find a place to paddle the Rapier 18 and 20… wonder if I can camp out of the boat? Franklin

Optimistic weight estimates
Apparently they’re pretty optimistic about getting their boat weights down. Looking through the catalog, they seem to be listing weights 8-10lbs lighter than they have in years past.

Equivalent to NA boats
Yes, the weights are rosey. They are in the range of similar length Necky, CD, etc… boats. I think one will have to wait and see.

When the Aquanaut was realeased, Valley listed the weight in standard layup as 55 or 56 pounds. The one Sea Kayaker tested weighed in at 62 pounds. Now the weight listed for current Aquanauts is 59 pounds. My ProLite layup Aquanaut weighs noticably more than my friend’s Chatham 18 in standard layup.

hmmmm on the weights
i say weigh when you get it or better yet before you pay…if weights an issue. My Nordkapp (keyhole cockpit, round forward hatch, Henderson foot pump)weighs right at 65 pounds…but i’ve seen it hit asphalt from 6 feet and bounce away unscathed/non blemished…diolene is tough stuff.

The boat on my list is the Q-boat, that looks like fun personified in synthetic media!

Yup that bounce
My Naut slid off the roof of my car when I was unloading in the rain this past June. It hit a metal sign post slammed on its side onto the pavement and bounced up in a manner that bruised my shin for weeks.

Aside from some green paint from the sign post there was no evidence of the drop. No dents, cracks, etc…

I hope the new Valley layups will be as tough.

Don’t have to be heavy to be strong…
even if they stay with their 60’s glass schedule of matt and roving the, layups should be lighter. But these materials are not really infusion friendly. The infusion process is pretty idiot proof as long as someone qualified has shown them how to do it. Still… be prepared for voids behind the gelcoat if they try any shortcuts or the layup guys get lazy in prep.

aha, not

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sure the LV versions of the kayaks are really that low volume. Dimensions I guess don't say much.

Surf kayaks look interesting. I'd like to try both!!!

Peter Orton who used to be the Managing Director of P&H, I wonder might have something to do with bringing Valley into the 21st century! and jason from Pyranha. All good things. The catalog is great, the fact that they have a website for the first time ever is awesome.

I wonder too if Peter Orton might have something to do with trying to get out of the stone age with the hand layups. I realize its part of the appeal for most people, but its still part of the reason the kayaks are so heavy. It would be great if Valley got their weights down to what they are listed in the catalog by vacuum bagging.

Imagine a nordkapp that weighed under 70 lbs, pretty sweet.

This will give P&H a run for their money and they will have to come up with some better designs.

infusion is good if done right
Yep, this is a very good type of lay up if it is done well. Superior in some applications to vacuum bagging alone. Maximizes the strength with minimization of weight. However, if not done well results in a thin and uneven application of resin with little room for erro. Also, the inside of the cockpit is more subject to wear especially where feet rub. It may be necessary to place protective layers there.

If done well this could be a major change for them.

Wait and See
I would think it would be best to see the first batch of Valley boats with new layups and see how well they are done. In recent years, Valley QC has been very good. One of the new managers is from P&H whose QC has been about the best of the Brits.

The catalogue states “Valley are lucky that most of their laminators have close to twenty years’ experience and as a consequence they enjoy a very consistent product.” Let’s hope for the best.

My friend’s Chatham 18 has an extra patch on the floor of the cockpit to reduce/prevent abrasion. Seems an obvious and simple solution to that issue.

Specified layups
The catalogue noted that the resin-vacuum-infusion will be for their ‘Pro-Kevlar’ and ‘Ultra-Kevlar’ layups.

In a pinch…
…you can just roll or brush on a layer of epoxy where your heels rest. I’ve done this on all of my glass my boats over the years. While you’re at it, it would be a simple matter to add a layer of fiberglass, but I haven’t found it to be necessary.

which epoxy?
No visible abrasion yet, but like the idea of preventative step.