'New' Valley layups...

Been a couple of years since they started the new construction.

What is the consensus out there now of the new layup vs. the old layup in term of strength/weight ratio (should be loads better) AND vs. other manufacturers, espcecially the ones known for better layups? Less gelcoat where it’s not needed? Less spider cracking of the hull on impacts? Others aspects?

I was thinking of this the other day finishing up some repairs on my '05 Valley. You really wonder what the stuff is between the gelcoat and the diolene. Sure doesn’t look like fiberglass resin to me and the fg mat isn’t too obvious. Sure doesn’t look like the repairs I do to it.

Jury may still be out…
Well my 2008 Nordkapp LV is beautifully made and even with keel strip and being standard layup it weighs noticeably less than my 2004 ProLite Aquanaut.

I’ve used my 'naut for all sorts of paddling over the past 4 years including a lot of Maine coastal paddling which included rock gardening, 4 star training, seal launches and landings etc… The boat has no spider cracks. I’ve only had to repair gel coat chips and gouges.

I’ve only had my Nordlow for a short time and have not had the opportunity to use it hard yet. It feels solid. I may have a better sense after a season of hard use.

I have not heard from any friends with new Valley boats (2006 or later) who have been dissatisfied with the hardiness of their layups…

My wife’s Avocet
The ultra construction is amazingly light - way lighter than my carbon/kevlar Capella. That Avocet is a bit more than a year old and paddled a lot. No problems whatsoever. Fantastic workmanship - as good as my Seaward/Foster Shadow kevlar, which is as good as I have seen.

If that boat were stolen tonight, we would order one just like it tomorrow.

My guess is
their new infused lay-ups will be outstanding. Visually the ones I have seen look awesome. That’s what I would order.

I am getting a c/K hull premium
layup Anaut LV…ordered in Dec, should be here in the next couple months.

On here, and a couple other blogs, I will post opinions and photos. Likely make a youtube vid of not only the boat, but also the take-apart design and how it fits together.

I ordered because I have heard wonderful things about the new vacuum hull. Hope the word on the stret is accurate. CD!

Valley Rush …
Got to see this a couple of weeks ago. Very very light boat. Was real impressed.

Happy with my '07
Impressive QC, no cracking or other problems. My next boat will be another Valley.

My '07 (I think that’s what the S/N said), bought in '08, Aquanaut is solid and shows no unusual wear for the time I’ve had it and the trips I’ve made. The workmanship is fine, and it’s a joy to look at as well as paddle. We tend to be hard on our boats, especially coming from using a long line of plastic boats here in south Florida & the Keys, where sand is more often than not intermixed with sharper-than-average-edged coral rock, and while I’m being careful of where I put the A-Naut’s nose & bottom, I’m not being SUPER-selective. Other than a few bottom ‘experience’ scars, the boats as good as new in my view, and I look forward to many years of using it to


-Frank in Miami