New VCP Kayak Descriptions

VCP Quarajak:

Repeated requests for a bigger version of the ever popular Anas Acuta have led to the development of a new, mid-volume, hard-chined kayak in the Inuit tradition, the Quarajak (native for “paddle quickly”)

A modern Greenland design combines a shallow “V” hull and sufficient rocker to offer good manoeuvrability for coastal touring.

The flatter keel line and extended waterline has significantly increased overall speed and directional stability. A 54cm beam and hard chines ensure good initial stability and solid secondary stability for confident edged turns.

Oval front and rear hatches and round day hatch offer easy distribution of loads on longer trips. A raised foredeck and roomy keyhole cockpit allows easy access and comfort for the larger paddler - flat stern deck for easy lay-back in a screw roll. Best of all - It looks just great!

VCP Narwhale:

Designed as a fast, high volume sea tourer the Narwhale with it’s radical hull design is set to become a leading contender in race events as well.

The swede-form hull and long waterline provide outstanding speed and moderate rocker on a flat, mid keel section give great manoeuvrability in heavier sea conditions.

High initial and secondary stability is assured from a 56cm beam with full mid-sections.

At the stern soft chines, with a hint of a dihedral between, help both lateral and directional stability, particularly in a following sea.

A full clipper bow with pronounced flare gives a dry, buoyant ride in a head sea.

A raised foredeck offers stowage capacity for extended trips with a keyhole cockpit for comfort. A flat rear deck reduces windage.

Oval hatch at bow and stern for easy loading and a flip-over rudder will be fitted as standard.

where did you get this latest breaking
Valley News?


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I am gonna say it... What the heck are they talking about!? I read it and I can't comprehend it.

Also, I've heard a lot of clamouring for a smaller Anas Acuta, NOT a BIGGER one... :( The MickD "Supersized" lovers prevail again.

Someone should go out and paddle the boats and write a review in a language I can understand. :)


>The flatter keel line and extended waterline has >significantly increased overall speed and >directional stability. A 54cm beam and hard chines >ensure good initial stability and solid secondary >stability for confident edged turns.

Hey it almost sounds like the Vyneck! Only the beam should be 50 and not 54.

Somebody ought to put the Vyneck back in production…

hear hear
I’d also love to see a smaller AA - but a larger one?

OK, make mine McD’s red and yellow. Add a giant cupholder for my biggie-sized soft drink, and a napkin dispenser for wiping the french fry grease off my paddle.

If I start supersizing today I should be able to fill the boat out by fall…

Sorry but I couldn’t resist.

Isn’t That Boat
a Nigel Foster design? If Seaward wants to put that in production, they should also consider the Rumour.

Okay… There I go again with my rant for true low volume boats for smaller paddlers… :slight_smile:


Hey you’ve got my vote!

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Got to the new seaward foster forums and post there, tell glen from seaward you want a rumour and a vyneck!

I honestly would pay top dollar for a new fiberglass vyneck with an ocean cockpit custom bulkhead and some other flaming spinning monkeyheads just to make sure they keep making them.

I've been scheming just to find a dutch foster rowe built silhouette with an ocean cockpit.

i've been thinking about designing a true LV high performance british style sea kayak with all of the stuff that I would want and just have a custom fiberglass shop make one.

18' long 19" wide with a 10-11" foredeck 7" aft deck, ocean cockpit, hard chines, very little rocker, oval VCP hatches and a 7" day hatch.

I was curious about Vyneck and Rumor
about the Vyneck. I email Seaward. They say they will not make a Vyneck, maybe a rumour and that the new foster boats may have smaller cockpits like the valley boats. the man at seaward also says he can make a boat with an ocean cockpit, but that it will be in only yellow or white.

That’s really news, if Seaward indeed decides to produce the Rumour. The Rumour, at 16’x19", is truly a lower volume boat for small paddlers. The rumour would immediately put competition for the PH’s Vela and Impex’s Mystic/Montauk and even VCP’s Anas Acuta.


sing (who may be a grateful small paddler, ready to save money to purchase a Seaward Rumour!)

Foster Message board

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The man from seaward also says to use the foster kayaks message board to post suggestions because it is easier for him to tell the factory to make boats like the rumour if people are asking for them. He seemed very interested in customer input.

I too would like to buy a foster rumour. I paddled one at sweetwater 2 years ago, I am only 5'2 and 145 pounds. so would like to paddle smaller kayak. But I am still looking for a used rumour. No luck yet. :(

I would love to have
a vyneck, but I’d settle for a Silhouette with an Ocean Cockpit!


I’d kill to have a rumour in my fleet.

Skim Dex
Nice about the Rumour.

I wonder if the Vyneck ever was produced in the US? Who knows where the Dutch Watermark Vyneck mold is located today…

Another low volume kayak which stirred some attention in Scandinavia in 2003 is the Dex by Skim Kayaks(Sweden with production in Finland).

I haven’t seen their boats yet and I wouldn’t be surprised if the attention primarily stems from the paint job.

I hope to see a Dex in a month.

Let us know what you think of the Dex
boats. Both models look like nice designs. I believe their website says one is for play and the other for expeditions (Distance). That nicely covers the spectrum. :wink:

Thanks for the tip.


Heading In The Right Direction…
with the downsizing. I have to admit though for a boat that is obstensibly for play, the Skim Dex has minimal rocker. She looks to be a stiff tracker and, with the plump stern line, has more waterline than most boats her OAL.


but no U.S. Importer

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It maybe a mute point. I sent a note off to Skim Kayaks yesterday and received a nearly instant response. Regrettably at this time they have no U.S/N.A. importer or dealers. :-(


here’s my chance to hit the big time
I could be the distributor!

Just kidding…

And, What Happens…
when the weight is 10 lbs over the listed number; there are no glass under sections of the gelcoat; and the skeg box leaks; etc, etc, etc… LOL!!!

Of course, the boat may never sell. After all, it ain’t a “Brit” design with that plumb stern line… :wink:


often wondered though about making a kayak like the foster rumour, or one of those japanese sof type fiberglass kayaks that everyone was so jazzed up about on the site and trying to sell them online sort of like the QCC store, and then I can just do road trips all summer to have people paddle them…

Any investors?


VCP Quarajak:

Repeated requests for a bigger version of the ever popular Anas Acuta have led to the development of a new, mid-volume, hard-chined kayak in the Inuit tradition, the Quarajak (native for “paddle quickly”)


Qajaq. Kayak. Only a Greenlandic kayak is given this designation. Other kayaks (e.g. fiberglass sport kayaks) are often called qajariaq, meaning “like a qajaq”. The plural form (kayaks) is qaannat.

“paddle quickly” seems like a kind of liberal translation.

Daydreaming Is Nice…
but don’t quit your day job. :slight_smile:

I suspect the kayaking industry is a tough one to be in. I think I would rather paddle than make kayaks. :slight_smile: