New Vehicle in the future

Okay, here’s the deal. My lovely Child-bride has promised me a ‘nice’ new vehicle, partially in return for remodeling the kitchen with my own 2 wittle hands, and mostly because I’m gonna need one shortly. I wanna trade my 4x2 Tacoma std. cab, (130K miles) on either: a Rav4, an FJ Crusier, or another Tacoma with extended cab and put a cap on the bed. When all is said and done, considering trading-ins, and the fact that my brother in Law is in the Toyota business, the cost is gonna only vary among the 3 vehicles by about 2 grand. Mind you, the Tacoma runs great, no mechanical issues and she has lots of life left in her and she’s served me well. But I would rather trade now, while the value is still decent and I won’t have to rebudget to start up a payment again (I have about 7 payments left)

I’m really partial to the FJ, but I hear blind spots can be a problem and the milege isn’t all that. The Rav4 is probably a better ride (comfort-wise) and I know the Tacomas are bullet-proof. But man, I sure like those FJs. Gear carrying capacity is a big consideration (Camping/paddling gear, one-man pontoons and kayaks, coolers/food for 5 days max, plus the shuttle runs with wet, dirty, smelly, yakers/boaters)

So what say you folks?

BTW…don’t try to talk me into some other brand or a 4x4. Never needed 4wd before, and see brother-in-law comment above…(I get goood deals)

Tacoma For Me…
We’ve had and still have 4Runners - great tough trucks, but it’s like having a poorly designed cap on the back that you can’t take off. The RAV4 isn’t a real truck, IMO - kinda a car/wagon hybrid. The club cab Tacoma should have lots of room, and with a toolbox/cap setup, you’ve got a real versatile vehicle.

The only thing I can see the FJ having going for it is cute - and cute never trumps useful for my money.

Me too
Trucks are just soo practical. To me far more than the little ute’s. friend in my local town traded a Honda Element on a new FJ. He dearly misses the Element.

FJ’s are cool, but truck has to be more practical. I once owned an old FJ-40 and has fun with it, but I will tell you it was the most useless vehicle I’ve ever owned in terms of all round function.

recently rented a 4runner and thought it was a nice vehicle.

Good luck with whatever you buy.

cars are like women
At some point the looks fade but the important things shine through. But I have pretty strong feelings about the new FJ, I think the old FJ rolls over in the junkyard every time a new FJ goes by, not true to the original at all.

I would get the Tacoma.

Smart Car!!
Wouldn’t THAT look cool with an 18’ kayak on top?



I think you said it all with
"shuttle runs with wet, dirty, smelly, yakers/boaters."

A seperate area for the smelly item will be greatly preferred by you spouse.


I think you want a Delorean
if you need one from the future…

The tall Tacomas are a bit high off the ground, but I do like the size and look of the new model – much more room in the cab and more like a mid-sized truck. I saw one that wasn’t any taller than my Dakota.


Tacoma and cap.

love my tacoma
I’m Tacoma driver. 2000 extd cab 3.4L V6 4x4 with a cap and the most wicked rack setup ever.

I’d nix the FJ personally if you were not going to do it with 4 wheel drive. That vehicle begs for dirt. It’s like a neutered pit bull with implants, all show and no game without 4x4. I wouldn’t want that big engine, flat windshield and harsh ride if you weren’t taking it off road. If you go with the FJ, skip the dumb factory rack and bolt a Yakima or Thule track system to the roof. You’ll appreciate the cleaner look and having the roof rack 8 inches lower.

I have several friends with Rav4s. Seems to be a real practical vehicle. Although again, I’m a real believer in 4x4. The Rav 4 has a center differential which makes driving real nice and doesn’t noticeably hurts mileage. You must not be in an area with snow.

I love my Tacoma, but I don’t care for the latest generations. These “mid-size” trucks are now the size that full size trucks once were. Too much extra weight to throw around. I don’t suppose your inside discount applies to used? I would opt for an '00 or an '04. Always best to have the last model year before a remodel. I need the TRD off road package to get to put ins. The pre-runner has the suspension and a locking rear differential, which helps a lot if you are passing on 4x4. I love having over a foot of clearance on my truck and couldn’t live with the lowered version. I would recommend the big engine too if you want the extended cab, plus cap. The 4 cylinder is a great engine but a bit underpowered for the bigger frame of extd cab or even the double cab.

go yota
Definitely Toyota Tacoma for me!

keep the old one.
I hate to sound like some sort of financial advisor, but have you considered keeping the old one. When the payments are finished you could make the same size payments to yourself and have enough to maintain your old ride and buy a new one in a few years.

Had both…

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but love my 06 RAV4 V-6 better. Tacoma rode like a board wagon,RAV is smoother,more powerfull,and far better milage the Tacoma V-6. RAV is easier to get in & out of. Lower then Tacoma for racking boats. RAV factory rails longer then rack spread on Tacoma DBL Cab. Just a few advantages. Go RAV, is my 2 cents.

I love the exterior looks of the FJ.
The Rav4 is a girlie-man’s ride. lol.

Actually, if you’re going SUV, for your stated purpose, I don’t think the Rav4 has the room you’re looking for. The FJ is the way to go on that end.

But, having a pickup myself, albeit a Honda, the utility is tough to beat, cab on the back or not. I’m thinking, with the fact you’ve had one for awhile now, going with anything but is going to cause bed-withdrawal for you from time to time. There will probably often be those “Doh!” moments when you need the p-up bed to haul something and look back at the uselessness of the SUV.

And I wouldn’t discount all of the posts above raving about their Tacomas . . . .

130K miles
That sucker’s barely broken in yet! Unless you’ve really trashed it the most sensible thing to do is keep it.

IMHO Toyota & Nissan screwed up by porking up the Taco & Frontier. Where does one go for a “small” pickup truck anymore?

I am at the same crossroad
The biggest concern I have on the FJ is the lack of interior room versus being able to put a cap on the back of the Tacoma. The blind spot thing on the FJ is a non issue if you are used to using mirrors (you would be surprised how many people are not). The redesigned FJ roof rack allows you to pile twice as much gear on the roof (if your friends all have dry bags), but if you are serious about no 4wd there is really no advantage to the FJ to outweigh the negatives. With 4wd the FJ wins in my boot given the shorter wheel base and higher ground clearance. My 2wd winner would be a Tacoma 4dr.


That’s it for small pickups anymore.

I went with the midsized Frontier and will clue you in on something a lot of people make bad assumptions about:

The midsized Frontiers and Tacomas, in 4x4 versions w/V6 engines, get BETTER gas mileage than their older, smaller counterparts. Can’t argue with that. OTOH, I would prefer that they had kept the old small size and updated the trucks so that they would get even better gas mileage AND more power/torque, and higher payloads.

But don’t think that just because they’re bigger, they get worse mpg. Not necessarily so.


pikabike and rwven…

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that's what my brother in law says. Once Toyota and Nissan bulked up their Frontiers and Tacomas, Ford is the last manf. with a truely small truck. These days, sell more Tundras than Tacomas.

He's also pushing me toward a 4wd as well because the milege is about the same as my 4x2 '03 Tacoma, but I hesitate on the 4wd becuase of the extra maintinance involved. I realize 130K on a Taco is "just broke-in good" milage, but it also means a high trade-in value as well. And I am done driving a vehicle till it's ready to be junked. Did that back in my 20s till early 40s out of nessesity, and when I could recognize, and fix, what was under the hood. These days of computer-controlled fuel/oil/air mixtures, pumps and way. I change my own oil, air filters, wiper blades, and washer fluid, that's about it. Anything further and it goes to my mechanic.

I really do appreciate the input folks. I've been waffling back and forth on which way to go, but I think I'm leaning toward a second Taco-ma (with a cap and Thule rack)

The only sad part of parting with the old gal is I'm going to lose a very bodagious sticker collection on my back window. Oh well, guess I can start another...and with a cap, I'll have more room won't I?

I have a 2000 Toyota Echo …
… and it looks pretty strange with a 16’ boat strapped to the top! The boat IS longer than the car.

At any rate, I have 185K miles on it, have never had to replace anything broken on it, have only given it regular routine maintenance, and plan to drive it until the wheels fall off.

If your Toyota runs fine why not do the same? It may have no value at all when it finally fails but that’s lilkely to be a long time from now. In the meantime, you’ll have avoided a lot of car payments.

My 2 cents …

Girly mans ride?
tell that to some BMW’s the RAV will kick the butt of, when I step on it. And I got 4WD and bells & whistles for less then half their inflated price. Will easy walk all over a Taco too,and get better milage doin it.Taco will only be better in true off road situations,so why buy it if you ain’t using it. RAV 4WD only works when needed.