New VHF with GPS and DSC

Horizon is now making a VHF with both GPS and DSC. Has anyone tried one and any thoughts about the usefulness of the GPS and DSC ability all in one unit. If reliable I may consider one.


HX850S Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Integral GPS


Tiny URL’d link here for those who don’t want to cut and paste:

Interested to see how this one reviews.

I am not familiar with DSC. If I am reading right, basically you push a button and it sends your GPS coordinates over the radio? Are they sent as some signal that a machine needs to decode? Or are they converted to a human voice such that other boaters can hear them?


looks great!
DSC has been standard on fixed-mount radios for a few years now, and promises to be a real improvement over voice-transmitted distress calls as the radios are phased in.

A DSC radio has to be connected to a GPS reciever (or have one inside the radio). When you press the DSC distress button, a digital message is sent to any radios within range, displaying your coordinates on those radios’ screens. So instead of trying to read your position from a pitching kayak, and be heard correctly, you can now just press a button to transmit that vital information to any vessels in the area, and the CG.