New vs Used

I am looking a purchasing a used fishing kayak but didn’t know if it might be better to get a new one. I am specifically looking at a Native Watercraft Slayer.

Does anyone else have one? How is the durability? I know that each used boat will differ from another but I guess my main question is durability.

Native boats are well made
Durability depends on where and how you use it and where and how you store it.

I would say durability is better than the Potomac boats garbage you get at a big box store and about average for a higher end plastic boat, though that’s entirely a guess and has too many qualifications to be reliable.

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new or used
Look at threads where people talk about how many boats they have had. Some have 8 now, and have owned 40 different boats. They get traded like baseball cards. Most boats don’t get used that much. They wear out from neglect and sun damage.

The nice thing about used boats. …
…is that if you are careful, you can get close to what you paid for them if you decide you’d rather have something else. I always say go used, unless you know exactly what you want and it can’t be had in a reasonable time frame without buying new.