New W. Fla. paddling trail

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission has just opened the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail on the west coast of Florida. It runs for about 105 miles from the mouth of the Aucilla River to the Suwannee with primitive camping every 10-14 miles. It looks like a great 9-10 day kayak trip.

More info can be found at

Also, my local paper has a pretty good article on kayak fishing in Florida at

Thanks for that good info.
We can never get enough of Fla. paddling.

We will put it on the list.



I checked the purewaterwilderness
site-interesting info for future paddle/dive/campsite at Ginny Springs…

Big Bend Trail
I ordered and just received in the mail the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail guide. Very well organized little guide, combining maps with a lot of other info–history, regs, photos (some of unique channel markers), even where to get water and how much you should get to get you safely to the next stop. And it’s thoughtfully bound with a plastic spiral binding. It’s probably not waterproof but a size that would fit easily in a bag or map case.

Primary problem: it’s got me drooling to head for the Big Bend ASAP.

Keep paddling/JJ

Me too!!!
I ordered the same guide today, and I started drooling as soon as I heard of this trail.

Now I just have to find the time, but this is another story…