New Walden Kayaks

Hey gang, I have been kayaking for one season using a loaner, getting into my own first kayak this year. The boat I’ve been paddling is an old (20 years they guess) Walden scout. I’m a big guy, every other kayak that I’ve tried is tippy or shaky but not the scout. The thing handles my weight like a champ, even in easy rapids.

It looks like there’s two websites that are offering new Walden scout exp models, but I can’t find any info on the boats themselves aside from the two retailers websites that are offering them or on Walden boats in general. I guess they being made again?

If I can buy a new Walden scout (the pictures look EXACTLY like the old model) I would snatch it up in a second. If they don’t and these websites have old info, what is a good stand in? I am 6’1" and 350lbs, the old scout sat on the water like I was sitting on the ground. Amazing.

Thanks in advance folks, long time reader first time poster!

ask the manufacturer if the old and new are the same. Check the dimensions.

Walden went out of business around a decade ago. I was there for the final auction. If anyone actually has any Scouts, they’re VERY old stock. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with them and since it’s a really basic boat, there’s not much concern about replacement parts.

Meyers Boat purchased the Walden name and many of the kayak molds after Walden went out of business… However, their website is less than informative. You might try phoning them at their listed numbers: (800) 247-6275 or (517) 265-9821. One possible alternative kayak might be the Loon 120, which has very similar dimensions to the Scout. At 30" wide, it should be quite stable.