new water trail

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A good article in the NY Times today.
Its about a new water trail in Alabama . I would be wary of going down there , being northern , but it
sounds nice . The link is


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The only trouble anyone should have is when they fail to leave their "Yankee Attitude" at home. Come on down and treat the people down here like you would like to be treated and you should have no problem. GK is going to be on the opening trip if your afraid.

Just don’t tell him to wear his PFD
and don’t let him catch you eyeballing his beanie weenies. Also, if you hear any banjo music…

And to be clear, we didn’t clear out a new water trail. All the rivers were already there.

And I wouldn’t worry too much about us southern folks. We generally let at least half the northerners live after hog-tying them and poking them with sticks. After they quit squirming, they stop being fun to mess with.

To disguise your northern accent, just learn these easy phrases: “What er yall up to?”, “You ain’t fixin tuh do nuttin are ya?”, “I gotta git outta here”


Good Paddlers Discussion Forum
topic, or maybe for BWCA and Beyond. I don’t see what it has to do with this forum.

Don’t get no better n’ nis.

Couldn’t be trolling, could he ?
This has got to be a troll. No one in this modern age of political correctness could be this biggoted, sterotyping, and regionalist against his fellow citizens.

Excuse me now, I’ve got to go and polish my hob-nail boots, sharpen my bowie knife, tune my banjo, and practice saying damnyankee, as one word. Ta, ta.

I’ll be there…

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Joining the trip in Montgomery on the 6th for just over a week.

I worked w/ a lady at Maxwell AFB just over 30-years ago. She's going to come to the ceremony and it'll be nice to see her again.

I'm looking forward to this trip - esp meeting the human lobster. ;-)

the South
Growing up in the fifties and sixties , the south was an unfriendly place for

folks from NY , NJ . There were jokes about driving through the south with

northern license plates . The south was still fighting the civil war while

most people up north knew little about it . I am sure things have changed some

with all the folks from the north moving south . Yet I would still be wary

going kayaking in alabama .

As stated above , if you come down
here and start demanding, knocking the food or the accents,or or telling us how it is done up there ,you will not have a good time.

If you are nice to people , they will be nice to you. Works here,Europe,Japan,Korea, and China.I haven’t been anywhere else.

I paddled with 2 people originally from Boston and one from Long Island this weekend and we all had a great time. The one from Long Island is married to my son.

Best Stay NORTH Yankee…
We don’ cotton ta folk lak yew…

‘sides, Ma an’ Pa sayed ya’ll eat yer young’uns, an’ we don’ down heah…tho we DO tan they hides some…(Thas a joke son, I sayed thas a JOKE).

Truth is, tha GATORS, they kin smell a yank, ‘cause we’uns gut em’ an feed thar guts ta the Gators…soon enuf they’s huntin’ em reglar…lotsa em yanks come down heah ta sighty see…don’ git back home…

I was there

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Paddle 2 days to get to the state line for the opening ceremony.

We had a great trip from Rome, at the beginning of the Coosa River with a 20 mile day Saturday to where we wilderness camped bya corn field. Sunday was a 12 mile paddle to the state-line where the opening ceremony was held.

Mother Nature was kind enough to give us a 20 mph head-wind just to make the paddling tough. Between the wind and the waves it was great. The sun was out all day Saturday and paddling without a shirt or PFD I look like a lobster.

Hope everyone also had a great paddling weekend.

If you can paddle ...come on down. If you can't ...come on down anyhow and by the time you go home I'll make a paddler out of you or my name ain't G_K.

Paddlin' on,

stay where you are
John, surely you are joking. If not then, yes…by all means stay away. Your predisposition to stereotype the South would surely result in a bad trip for you. There is no other way it could turn out. By all means stay where you are.

As a subject of the former colonial
Power that ruled the original colonies of the USA I do not have any problems with visiting. I sometimes have to correct those idiots who tell me that the US won the war of 1812-1815. I also have to correct those idiots who talk about the war of northern aggression as if the attack on Fort Sumter in South Carolina was a put up job by the goddam yankees but other than that I do not have any problems.

Wotever !!

You are welcome down here anytime! Anyone who uses the correct title of that infamous, tawdry, “War of Northern Aggression”, will be heartily received with that ol’ Southern Hospitality.

sun screen!!??

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you don't need no stinkin' sunscreen!! BTW if you wore your pfd you would only look like half a lobster :)

A yankee…
Is one who comes down to visit. We welcome y’all and yer money!

A damned yankee is one who moves in! Or someone who thinks the south is better ONLY because of the damned yankees. Or a baseball player from New Yawk City!

Give it a break!