New Waterproof Camera from Panasonic

Check some thoughts on it here:

I downloaded some of the samples posted in full size and played with them on my computer and they are excellent for this type of camera. Just needs plenty of light (as the other 2 cameras on the market today from Olympus and Pentax).

Also notice the paragraphs on the video quality in HD! Will be fun to use that on the water. Just hope it sells for considerably less than MSRP…

No optical viewfinder… drats!

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dat be a minus fer dis here varmint.

A plus be de 30 fps 720P (progressive) video instead o' 60i (interlaced) - not dat yer kin do much seefistigated stuff wit dis type of camera catagory.


Yeah, I just paid
about half that for the Olympus 1050SW, so they are gonna have to get down to at least the $300 range.

Glad someone else is jumping in this market.


“Just needs plenty of light” is
a serious problem with “waterproof” cameras. It’s why I went with a Canon Elph in a waterproof case. It has an f2.8 lens, 28-105mm equivalent, and optical image stabilization. I hope all these features appear in a “waterproof” camera soon.

Yep, large lens openings and compact waterproof cameras just don’t go together. The compacts are just the thing for quick snaps from PFD pocket to capture to pocket in rapid succession. They certainly are not the tool of choice for low-light shots.

A personal beef is that all brands could use extra grippy surfaces. I added some silicone pads to my Olympus that were designed for cell phones.


Panasonic is great

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We've used a Canon Sureshot -- the one on the cheaper end of the scale -- for 4 years now. It takes great pictures, but we also have to use the heavy, waterproof case.

Our main camera is a PanasonicLUMIX SLR, which is fantastic but stays on land at all times. I got a Pentax OptioW60 for Christmas and like it -- I know there was a thread here on its drawbacks -- but it is very convenient to use, especially on the water.

When the Canon gives out or my husband gets tired of manuevering the big waterproof case and/or the hinges totally rust out, I hope the Panasonic has come down in price. It sounds wonderful.

The Pentax, Panasonic, and Olympus
waterproof cameras are certainly convenient for pulling in and out of a pocket, and they are rugged.

Our Canon Elph is small enough that, once in the waterproof case, the total package is about the same size and weight as my old Minolta Weathermatic 35mm. Since I’m mainly an open boater at this time, compact storage is not a problem. But when one of the above companies can give me 35mm wide angle, f2.8 or better, and optical image stabilization, then the money will fly out of my pocket.

We bought…
the Olympus SW850 this Christmas for our daughter who is in the pool a lot. Plus to take on canoeing trips. Pictures are decent although we haven’t done any underwater pics yet but she can bang it around without worrying too much about it…Price was nice too.

Looks good
I haven’t managed to make up my mind on a WP camera to this point - looks like I will wait for this one to come to market. I’ve had a good experience with my 4 yr old Lumix, so this looks promising.