new Welsh sea kayaks: Rockpool

anyone out there seen, paddled or know much about these kayaks? search on the name and check out their website for more info. pretty cool looking boats.

Some months back
I came upon their site, emailed them and asked about US distribution.

As I recall they had none but were hoping to work out something with MIKCo. Tom hasn’t mentioned it, so I kind of doubt there has been any agreement.

in mexico…
there is only 1 in the country and it apparently is being paddled in mexico on expedition and then heading to a west coast bcu symposium to finally reside with leon and shawna up in washington.

if your on the west coast, you’ve got a better chance than us poor east coast folks…

tom does not have one…he does however have an interesting boat from island (or is it islander?) kayaks…designed by brits, made in sri lanka…light as hell, beautifully made and is a fine, turny little boat - quarssat, or something like that?

and it’s built in Sri lanka by a British fellow who is a BCU coach.

Dale Williams at Sea Kayak Georgia imports 'em.

yep, pretty loose and sporty ride.


nice boat…
loved the responsiveness.

but was thinking that…

  1. at 210, that’s pretty much a U-boat for me…i could pack a lunch and that’s about it.

  2. real light boat - how much abuse can i lay into it before bad things happen? if that were a rock boat…you see the concern there…and,

  3. the seat actually forms the bulkhead between the day hatch and the cockpit…i wonder how difficult it would be to crack that seal and/or if you damage the boat beneath the seat there and need to get to it from the cockpit, then you have to cut out the seat… bye-bye bulkhead.

    don’t know…never really beat one up for awhile and they are kinda too new to have much feedback either way?

    you get to paddle one for any lenght of time? thoughts?

those rockpool boats look like a pretty sweet ride, wish we could some out here round mass.

I tried out the Rockpool at the Anglesey Symposium in last spring.

I is a bit strange at first to sit in it, since you sit in more knee up position than, at least I am, use to. It is sort of a racing position. But after a few minutes it felt sort of right.

What impressed me most about this boat was how fast it was in following seas and surf, no broaching what so ever.

I found it to be a little looser/tippier than my Explorer but nothing that worried me though. All my testing was in typical, as they call it, “lumpy” conditions and it performed pretty well.

East Coast sympo
I tried an islander at the sympo but the conditions were mild to say the least. enough wind to make her weathercock, say 5 knots.

I really didn’t like the offset skeg. I really like balance in all aspects of design and it seems that the offset would ride differently on a starboard tack than it would on port. but I’m being extremely anal. I would imagine, as in many sporty designs (read loose) that the loss of skeg useage on a windy day might make for NO FUN. I have a proto-type tempest with additional rocker and while fun, it makes the retractable skeg a necessary tool in a big beam wind.

i’m going to be at Sea Kayak GA this weekend for the BCU week and will definetly give the Islander another ‘ride’. :slight_smile:


offset skeg…
a fella i paddle with makes some beautiful boats with offset skegs as well (shameless plug nick schade - and they seem to handle some real big water just fine…although i agree that it’s a little freaky - almost like that lefty fork that cannondale makes…looks like it just shouldn’t work!

the islander quarsaat i paddled actually ha no skeg offset or otherwise…the keel line seems to dip down, hump like at the stern in lieu (kinda along the idea of the integrated skeg in a nordkapp?) and then when you put her on her side, it comes right outta the water and the waterline just shrinks down to nuthin’…

really, it’s a pretty interesting boat.

flatpick’s working wanderings
Steve, it’s always cool to hear from you and about your wanderings. thanks for piping in with your comments and observations for those of us further down the sea kayak food chain. a pro for the masses.


my pleasure!
it’s a tough job, but sumbody’s got to DO IT!