New Werner Canoe paddle

Werner has a pair of new canoe paddles . One is designed for stand up surf . The other, pictured below, looks a lot like a Zaveral .

Anyone used one yet ? They position it as a surf paddle - I wonder if this is because they are a west coast company where surf and outrigger are far more common than flatwater racing .

Outrigger Blade
at 9.25" wide this is a serious blade. Not the narrow blade favored by high cadence marathon canoe racers. It has many of the features of the Zaveral Powersurge Outrigger. The curved lip and the cross section are very similar. the biggest difference i see is the shaft cross section and the shape of the handle. This is more of a Tee-Handle, the Zaveral is more a rounded knob.

Will have to see if any of the shops in this area carrying Werner WW paddles will have this one.


Not a wilderness paddle
I put several hundred miles on one a couple of months ago. It is really spooned. The grab on it is tremendous. You really could get behind it and accelerate like mad, great for punching through surf but horrible for marathon racing or cruising. It was the standard exceptional Werner quality. Probably the strongest carbon paddle I’ve seen. The one I had weighed about 12 ounces. I didn’t care for the mushroom T-grip as I prefer the bulbous grip, but again, perfect for outrigger paddling. I would look to Werner in the future for more canoe paddle options. I really hope they take on Zav because their quality is so much higher.