New Wilderness Systems Phase 2 Seat?

The Pahse 2 seat in Kathy’s Pungo broke where the back meets the seat, and I need it fixed before Lake Tahoe trip in a couple weeks.

Any advise?

Phase 2
new? Pungo has Phase 3.

more details and I might be able to help. what actually broke?


The Hinge
The hinge that connects the seat to the seat back.

The Pungo is about 7 years old, and had lots of use. I think I forgot to fold down when racking it.

I would not mind replacing the whole seat. Kathy appreciates stuff like that

a dealer
could order you the parts. I take it the broken part is the upright that makes up the backrest? this can be ordered.


I have a Phase3 seatback
taken out of a Tsunami, I can measure the hinge part for you this evening to see if it’s compatible

Can I Order the Whole Seat?
Kathy would probably like a new seat pad. Its getting old.

thar ya go…
this is what you need. just order a new pad, they’re waaaayyyyy cheaper than a whole seat.



the hinge part

– Last Updated: Aug-31-10 7:41 PM EST –

is 5" wide by 1.5" diameter, not including the hinge pins which add about 0.5" on either side. the hinge pins are 7/16" diameter and fit into the holes in the seat pan, one side is spring-loaded. the seatback overall is about 11x15" and still has the cover/pad on it in excellent condition. it has the adjustable strap for the back angle that you can anchor to the seat towers or under the coaming, also it's meant to be adjustable up/down so you'd have to either rig something for the tension line or tie it off or screw it in a fixed position.

if this would work for you let me know... how about $15 + shipping. I think you can order a replacement bottom seat pad instead of buying a whole seat

killler deal
15$ is dirt cheap!


Sapien, can you email me an address? I will send a check for $25