New....with a question

Hey all…I just purchased a Pamlico 100…Been lurking here for awhile and I know some might not think much of my decision to buy a 10 ft kayak…but being on a tight budget and wanting to just get onto the water…it fits my needs nicely…for now…I’ve spent about 6 hours on a small lake and can’t remember the last time I had this much fun…while I’m a good swimmer and don’t mind getting dunked if it happens, I’d like my kayak to remain as bouyant as possible if I were to flip it…I’ve seen floatation bags availiable and I’m curious as to how much of a difference they make if I were to flood my kayak…would they keep it afloat enough for me to get back in and pump the thing out?..the space they take up really isn’t an issue…For the present I’m not planning to do any more than day paddling…thanks for any info you can provide or a direction to point me in…

definitely something you will want
will it keep the kayak afloat enough to re-enter and pump-out? Well, that depends on a lot of things. What they will do is keep your kayak from sinking if it is completely flooded.

If space isn’t an issue them get float bags for the bow and stern (multiple bags for each). Make sure that whne you install them you fix them in place, otherwise they might float out if the kayak is flooded.

BTW, there is nothing wrong with 10ft kayak (depending on the kayak). I think the problem is that a lot of 10ft kayak models from various companies are not good designs - not so with yours.

what he said…
10’ Pam is a decent boat.

DO get some float bags THEN practice flipping, re-entering and pumping out! actually try it w/o the bags first! you’ll be heading to the store ASAP!

good luck


Pool noodles
The things I’ve learned from are wondrous indeed:

Thanks for the replies…
I’ll spring for some float bags when I can….but I gotta admit…the noodle thing don’t sound half-bad…what a great website! As far the Pamlico goes…after spending a few months researching and dreaming about kayaks and still sitting on the couch…I decided to face reality, figure how much I could afford, and see what I could get…. I budgeted 600 dollars and ended up with…the Pamlico 100, an Aqua-Bound Stingray paddle, and a MTI Reflex II pfd…I went over my budget by about 40 dollars…mainly due to the paddle…But I’m at least I’m out on the water now…and when I return to shore, I carry the paddle and cooler in one hand, the kayak in the other, open the hatch of my Taurus station wagon, slide it all in, close the hatch…and drive home with a big smile on my face…

I own a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 140.

Maybe a rear bulkhead
That way you could put the hatch and all that storage space to good use. Materials would cost less then the float bags needed to fill the stern. Details are available if you want to do a search.

No hurry if you’re just out on the lake
but if you’re doing moving water, the float bags or bulkhead would be helpful. If you’re in swimming distance of shallow water, no real need for them.

I;ve seen a local gut with a Pamlico 100 and he seems to do just fine with the group. The Aquabound paddles are nice, I think you’ll keep that a while (maybe longer than your boat).

Enjoy your new hobby!