New Wooden Decks for Malecite???

I am picking up a used Malecite with wood gunwales, but it has plastic decks.

I would really like to pick up a set of nice wooden decks for it…like the butternut ones they put on the older ones.

I recall there were a few folks that were making them (not Mad River who i think I have to order from through a dealer).

Can anyone provide me with a source?



Try Rob at Vermont Canoe
in Waitesfield VT. He may ave some OEM decks in the vault!

Plastic decks may be concealing problems with the rail ends, though.

Eds Canoe Parts

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Eds Canoe sells decks in various woods. You'll probably need to custom fit. 877.2848237. They made Bells scalloped decks.

Essex Industries probably makes wooden decks too, 518.942.6671,