New wooden kayaks kits from Pygmy

Some people were asking about with model to buy, and they were not aware of the new boats from Pygmy. They are not at the present time on their website, but you could call them. There are the Murrelet kayaks, available in 4 different versions. The Murrelet 2PD is 17 feet by 22 inches.

I have a photo from their flyer but I can not put in here.

Happy paddling


Murrelet pic link

do you have more of a description?
Whose design, is it like a narrow Arctic Tern?

a little more infos and bigger pics at

These kayaks were supposed to be at the Wooden Boat Festival last weekend so I hope that we will have more pics and infos soon, since many paddlers select their kit at this point of the season.


pretty sure that bottom pic isn’t it

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the one of just ply stitched up. It looks like a high volume Coho with taller side panel and regular coaming. The Murrelet in the above photo has a different shaped side deck panel and coaming recess. It looks like it just might not have that peak in the front of the coaming if those deck panels don't come to a peak. It's too bad they show their boats with such sharp bows, there's nothing safe or durable about that finish as it'll chip right through the glass and wood the moment it hits anything hard.

Not from the pictures
The Tern has a 4 panel hard-chined hull shape. The Murrelet appears to have a multi-chine hull.