New yak, can't find info on it.

I bought a fiberglass kayak today. I can’t find any info on it so I thought you guys might be able to help.

It has a sticker on it that says “HiPP inductrial center, hingham ma, mithril kayaks” and it has a serial number on the side.

was it worth my $40?

It doesn’t look new
But I’ll say you got your money’s worth if it floats and fits.

nope, not new
I know it’s not new, it was sold to me as vintage.

Lettman design from the '70’s.

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Serious old-school.

Squirting or Polo ?
Make sure you can get in and out of the cockpit on dry land before you put it in the water.

Do you know what it’s worth? I’m not sure if I want to keep it as I was intending to get Sit On Tops.

Minimum would be $40.
I’m pretty sure about that.

Pig in a poke !
Yes it is probably worth $40, but what are you going to use it for ?

It is an old white water boat

I wouldn’t pay $10 for it, but that is because it would be useless for me.

Jack L

looks sweet (for a yak), might be famous

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I love old school kayaks. Very graceful ferrying and running slalom courses. Check the specs...the one in this article is 13' x 23"

slalom usage here

Is there a market?
It was a now or never buy. I figured if I couldn’t use it I could trade it or sell it and get a SOT. It’s really not what I was looking for(SOT for fishing and taking my dogs out)

But I think I’ll take it for a paddle and decide then if I want it.

Is there a market for older white water fiberglass yaks?

The few old 'glass WW kayaks I’ve seen
…were all being used as pond boats for fishermen or people interested in starting to kayak but not wanting to spend much $$$$ yet. They also loved the light weight of these boats. One guy had bought an old one that weighed (supposedly) only 17 lbs. All were bought el cheapo, like yours.

a little more on HiPP.

I’d give you $50
I have no idea where you live.

Near CT and NY.

just have to find the right buyer
I had one nearly that old, a homebuilt 22 lb fiberglass whitewater boat of similar style, also white with a molded seat and no foot pegs. I flogged it on Craigslist for $140 about 3 years ago, explaining that it was a classic vintage whitewater boat strictly for rapids and creeking and emphasizing the super lightness of it. Actually had 4 people come look at it but the first 3 guys were too big to fit in the cockpit. The 4th was a super skinny older hippie dude with a pony tail who was thrilled with the boat and paid me full price for it. I sorta lucked out in that there are a lot of old school whitewater guys around here.

So you never know…

Too far from IL