New Year Resolution

Ben must have been wise:


Get outside every day.


Amen. And pass the binos for birding, as one drifts downstream!

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And a Happy New Year to all of my fellow paddles.

I resolve to get on the water more often. Hopefully my body can do it.

To all of you, be kind in your resolutions, beating yourself to death for one is not a good way to go.


And to you, be happy in all you do and enjoy the experience to the limit.

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Christmas Bird Count yesterday Dec 31. Good to be in the field all day.
Happy New year.

Ben got it right. And do it outside. I resolved not to make resolutions years ago. Just do whatever it is.

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I’m currently besieging my vices. The bastards have got barbed wire up in front of the trenches and are fighting for their lives. :laughing:

Ok with the neighbors.

Not a resolution but a goal: paddle every month.
January :white_check_mark:
February :white_check_mark:

Month Two - The Siege Continues But Now Is On Two Fronts

I was at war with my vices,
at peace with my neighbors,
till the self-clamor and cussing
tossed me from their favors.

So now we snarl at each other,
cross a fence that divides,
neighbor Lee verses me
as with my vice I abide.

Wait! How’d the wife and dog get over the fence?
(I must resign my commission, but first I think I’ll go join General Grant in his tent.)


Glad I don’t have to worry about all that.