New York City -Battery Paddling Question

Does anyone paddle Manhattan and land south of Pier 25? I am wondering if there are any non-water trail take-out’s around Battery Park City.

I would contact Randy at the NY
Kayak Company. He should be able to answer your question in some detail.


I don’t think there are any access points that you can use casually. In an emergency, I’m sure the North Cove mini-marina would take you in. Other than that, it’s all seawall and ferry docks until you get around to South Street Seaport. Again, any of the ferry operators would help you in an emergency if they could.

What is the bigger picture of what you are trying to do?


More details
We are trying to land as close to Washington Street as possible. We are paddling from the TZ bridge. Pier 25 is a 1.2 mile portage.

washington st runs N/S
What’s the cross street you’re trying to get to?

Did you call Randy? His dock may be your best bet, depending on where you’re going.


North Cove
is another option, but you’ll need to make arrangements.

call Randy. There are precious few takeouts down that way. Once around the Battery, there is basically nothing.

The waters around the ferry terminal and South Street Seaport change drastically with tides, and ferry/boat traffic. There are a fair amount of refractory waves along the seawall as well. I’ve been around in a ski when it was pretty calm to start out and then did a Jekyll transformation in the space of an hour to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. It’s not a particularly hospitable area, but it is a good rush. :wink:

North Cove
Lyngo, do you know how to make arrangements for North Cove? That is much closer.

Thanks Trilobite2
We are trying to get as close to the southernmost part of Washington Street- essentially off Battery Park. I haven’t paddled that stretch yet but noticed how squirrelly it is from shore.

their website