New York Outfitter (Hudson Valley)

I’m looking for a decent canoe outfitter in the NYC / Hudson Valley / Catskills area. Google searches turn up a few kayak outfitters along the Hudson River (and campmor/EMS of course), but nothing serious for a single blade. Anyone?

Try Kenco.

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They're on Route 28 just off the Kingston exit of the NYS Thruway. They don't really have a very extensive canoe line-up being more top heavy in kayaks, but they do rent all kinds of boats quite reasonably, and carry quality merchandise on the whole. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and will gladly immediately order anything you want purchase-wise. Caveat: They can be on the "Welcome to New York" pricey side. Website(I think is):
(They ususally have more demos/used boats in stock than shown on the web page.)

try Marshall at

He is home based on the Hudson.

He often posts here at If he doesn’t provide the type service you are looking for, I am sure he can refer you to someone who does.

Have fun!


Delaware River

Probably your best bet.

for the updates - google’s got nothing on good local beta. I’m mostly interested in accessories - I recently bought a used OC2 and would like to try out paddles, pfds, etc before I buy.

you wanna take some time & head north

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I'd do a little driving if you see anything at Mountain Man Outdoors or Oak Orchard. You can demo just about anything @MountainManOutdoors. Check out what paddle you're interested in...lots of dealers here & there. Unfortunately NEVER all brands carried by one specific shop...but you can get a point which to base others' give you some insight(imho).
PFD: "Fit" is all that's that in shop.
Paddle: As said...yes, try to demo something...but then post for comparisons. Noone in their right mind is gonna let someone bang a new paddle around then put it back on the shelf..;-)


Try Clubs to Demo
I don’t know of any dealers who hold much stock in canoes or single blade paddles. Not enough sales to make it worth their while IMO.

If I was in eastern New York and wanted to try some I’d look for clubs like the AMC. Go on some trips and see what folks are using maybe try some out.

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Marshall honest, integrity, knowledge
yep, Marshall is one of those rare honest, integrity, knowledgeable folks. Good instructor too.



The River Connection
Marshall is a great person. Very helpful and easy to work with. He knows his stuff!