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Looking for a nice place for a 3 day kayak tour in New York State. If possible not more than 3 hours away from NYC. We will have a
child with us and we will have to rent the equipment.

Any advice would be great!



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Check with Montainman outdoors in Old Forge. It's a bit more than 3 hours from NYC, but better paddling options than anything you may find within 3 hours of the city, IMHO.

New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, NY State
Hi! Thanks for the reply. Any recommendations further east? Our next stop after NYC is Boston. The recommended area looks beautiful but would be too far out of the way for us. Any recommendations for New Hampshire, Vermont, eastern part of New York State or maybe even in Maine? Looking forward to your replies.

oswegatchie river
Oswegatchie River in the Adirondacks is nice. Inlet to High Falls and back would be a lesiurely 3 day trip

Try to find the “Quiet Water Canoe Guide” for New York by the Appalachian Mountain Club. It covers much of the state of NY. I believe there is one for N.H. as well.

So far nobody has mentioned New Jersey

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Pine Barrens.. Wonderful quiet rivers less than 2 hours from NYC.

Delaware River.. 90 minutes west.

NYC has wonderful kayaking but not with a kid.

Why not with a kid?
Why not with a kid?

Richard, thanks for the reply. Will check it out

Because of the strong tidal currents
around Manhattan that preclude advanced kayakers at times and heavy boat traffic.

You can contact one of these if you are interested in a tour

Go south

A few ideas
Without knowing your paddling skills or the age of your child, it’s a little tough to be specific. But I’ll throw out a few options for three day- two night trips within three hours of NYC in the tri-state area.

This assumes you have all the camping gear, right?

Pine barrens in south Jersey: 2 hr drive. Rentals from:

Summer paddling is pretty easy, camp one nite on Atsion Lake and then do an overnite on the Mullica River.

Closer to NYC, if your car can carry a boat, you can rent from EMS in Paramus, NJ and drive up the Hudson for paddling and camping in the Stockport/Gails Point area. 3 hr drive. Generally easy conditions.

Another option is the Norwalk Islands in CT. Rentals from the Small Boat Shop and beach camping available on three of the 15 or so islands. Beautiful area with 3 lighthouses and tons of shorebirds. Also an Aquarium w/ IMAX and lots of restaurants if u have a bad weather day. I camped there last weekend.

Spruce Run Reservoir in Clinton, NJ has car camping and a nearby outfitter for rentals. 1-1/2 hr drive.

Good luck and be safe!