New York to New Orleans

I am trying to put together a trip that goes from Kinzu dam in Salamanca Ny to The gulf of mexico. Allehgheany to ohio to missisippi. Any one know of any one else who has done this or heard of it being done? Want to leave next july / august

The Mississippi has been done.
I don’t know about getting to it.

The Indians and settlers would use this route to get to french New Orleans. Does any one know of any trip reports, books ets for a more modern take?

you know about Verlen Kruger? NM

Chris Duff
don’t forget the trip up the Mississippi and I&M canal

its a historic route and am sure its been done many times not sure by who. i know people who’ve paddeld the ohio and mississippi but not the alegany part. keep serching around someone will come forth.