newb, buying yak soon

I’m 150#, 5’8", gonna be using the boat in slow to moderate rivers and lakes.

Not wanting to spend more than $500. So I’m between an Old towne vapor 10 fishing kayak or a pescador 10 angler-which I read on the reviews here is basically an old tarpon 100.

Anyone use both? Opinions on either?

I am also thinking a shoreline marine two piece paddle.

One is a SOT one is a SINK
Sit On Top or Sit INside Kayak. Depends on which you prefer. There are + and - to the two different types.

They are both low end beginner rec kayaks. If by lakes you mean flat bodies of water you can swim across these will get you out there on the water. If you want to get into something requiring more skills you’re going to want a better boat or if you find you really like kayaking you are not going to be satisfied with it. One the other hand, many of us started with something similiar.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to the reviews. They are written by people who have need paddled anything else but the boat they bought a week ago. FWIW I see both of those and others similiar on CL all the time. If you wait till fall you can get one used.

That paddle, NO. I bought one for $10 at a Kmart that was closing. It was some ridiculous long length and I was trying to figure out what length I wanted for double blading a canoe. The second time I used it it got stuck when taking it apart. Tried heat and cold and 4 grown men playing tug of war, it came halfway apart and won’t even go back together.

It now sits in the branches of a tree in my front yard

buy used
For $500 you can get a much better used kayak, and often with both a PFD and a decent paddle. The paddle you are considering is junk and will be miserable to use. You would be better off paying $350 for a kayak and $150 for a good paddle – the paddle (and you) are the “engine” of the kayak and you need something decent, with a fiberglass shaft, not aluminum.